I’m so excited that you’re going to be joining me on The Influencer Girl Lifestyle Podcast! I want to make sure that you feel prepared and excited before the show, so I put together this guide to get you ready!

The objective of this episode is for it to have a conversational feel more-so than a traditional interview.

However, there are two questions that you can can’t on me asking at the end:

1 - What’s your favorite lifestyle hack (this can be any trick or tip when it comes to wellness, lifestyle, business, etc.)

2 - What’s your morning routine? (even if you don’t have a morning routine, that’s totally cool - the more honest and transparent the better)

At the time of your interview, you’ll click on your Zencastr link, which I’ll send over 24 hours in advance. 

The interview itself is typically 45 minutes long, I block off extra time though to get us warmed up and to make sure the tech is working.

Your podcast guide will have info to make sure that audio will be on point, so don’t forget to review it!

Can’t wait to chat soon!






Make sure that even if you don't have a fancy mic, you have headphones and a mic (even the Apple headphones/mic will do the trick)! Having headphones in keeps the sound from having an echo.

Note: if you are using the Apple headphones/mic, just make sure that you are actually holding the mic instead of letting it hang. When it rubs against your shirt, the mic picks up on that static and noise!


Close out of any programs that you won't be using. This will speed up your internet so it's not feeling like it has to refresh your Facebook feed every five seconds. This will ensure for better quality of the recording!


I primarily use Zencastr to record the episodes and will provide you a unique link to join our virtual recording studio. 

Of course, I like to have a back up plan, and if that ends up being necessary, we'll use Zoom.

Note:  If you are asked for a login when you go to your Zencastr link, don't worry! It just means you beat me there. Just hit refresh and chances are by the time you hit refresh I'll be in there!

IMPORTANT: Zencastr does not work on mobile, so if you need to use mobile, please let me know in advance and we can use Zoom.


I know things happen, and that's the beauty of being able to edit. However, there are some things you can do to ensure a smooth recording:

A quiet room, even your closet is perfect for noise quality - seriously, even Stassi Schroeder records in her closet sometimes.

Also, don't forget to hit do not disturb on your computer and your phone!




I am seriously so excited that you're going to be on the show (let's be real you wouldn't be getting an invite unless I was dying for you to come on)!

I'd love for you to stop by the community and say hi there in the meantime!