Monica Woodhams is an Influencer Consultant and founder of 45 Fairmount, LLC.




i'm monica

Monica Woodhams is an Influencer Consultant and founder of 45 Fairmount, LLC. Monica helps influencers create multiple income streams with game changing strategy that allows them to spend less time behind the computer and more time living the lifestyle they’ve created for themselves.


Monica believes when you live a lifestyle that excites you, your content gets better, your audience engages with you more, and the income you desire shows up.

With her own successful blog, podcast and online programs, she is ready to change the game for influencers and bloggers around the world.


With over half a decade of experience in the blogging industry, Monica has been featured on Huffington Post, Best Friends for Frosting, PopSugar, Blogged Podcast, The Strategy Hour Podcast by Think Creative Collective, The Kansas City Podcast, and Firebrand Collective.


Monica has partnered with lifestyle and fashion brands including Rent the Runway, Suja Juice, Barre3, Smile Brilliant, PopSugar, Bonobos and Third Love.


My coaching calls each week are such a delight! I am conquering fears (some of which I didn't know I had!) and building a totally new service to launch soon! And the guided meditations she has me doing each day are so incredible! It’s not scary and so rewarding to just breath and pay attention to my own body and feelings. I promise, in a month you’ll be thanking yourself!

- Chelsea Foster