Before working with Monica, I had no clue how to make the transition from wedding stationery designer to coach and workflow specialist. And I was terrified of starting over. On the personal side of life, I was working long hours and struggled to find the time to take care of me - workouts, self-care, hobbies, and time with friends and family. I dreaded going to work and found myself finding projects to work on that were really fancy procrastinations, which led to long working hours up against deadlines. Even though I was completely booked, I still wasn't meeting my financial goals and felt a little bit like I was drowning. The work wasn’t a great fit anymore and I needed a new way to serve the world. I needed someone that not only could guide me through the transition in my business, but could also help me work through my mental blocks and structure my time so I was truly living my dream life.  


I knew by the end of the call with Monica that this was the person I was to be working with. I’m not 100% sure what it was, but I felt like we clicked, she understood where I was coming from and where I wanted to go, and she understood the lifestyle component that I really felt had been missing in every other program I had done. 


She helped me overcome some of my own blocks about my lifestyle and workday schedule that had immediate impacts. She encouraged me to start a morning routine that allowed me to not only fix some of my household stressors but also ground, center, and reflect before I hopped into work-mode. The change was amazing! I felt in control of my schedule for the first time since I had started my biz. I felt like it was okay to have a non-standard workday schedule. I felt like I could do it all without getting stressed and without working 16-hour days.


Working with Monica has impacted everything!   I am a calmer, happier person - not just in biz, but in everything in life.  Since we started, I’m Fully booked out in stationery services, I’ve launched a new business, launched a new coaching program, launched a workshop series, connected with tons of amazing small biz owners from across the country and globe.


If you’re on the fence, Go for it! Don't let fear hold you back from moving forward and making an impact in a way that only you can! And get the help you need to make that happen.


"Just wanted to share a huge win for me - I launched my new site today!!! And already have 3 people signed up for my workshop at the end of the month!!!!!
I owe a HUGE thank you to Monica Woodhams for keeping me on track, pushing me to do the things I needed to (even though I was scared), and to get this out in the world in just 3 months!! <3

Her system works, y'all! It just flat out works!"



"Before signing up with Monica I needed support keeping the balance between my day job and business to prevent me from becoming overwhelmed too fast before becoming profitable.  Since working with Monica, I can feel the balance shifting, it’s becoming more important to me than ever before.  I know that showing up and doing the work will create more support for me so I can break through my blocks.  I’m glad that Monica pushes me!"

- Yana Dirkx, Bliss & Gold


“I want to thank Monica for helping me gain clarity as to what my title should be in my newest business venture. There a so many coaches now and I wanted something that would set me apart from the rest and help me attract the right and perfect client for me. In the short time I spoke to Monica we were able to pinpoint the perfect title for me. ”



I definitely needed help and accountability with getting the ball rolling with my creative endeavors and seeing how I can get out of my own way...Right now I feel hopeful, curious, and excited to see what will come about the endeavors I’m pursuing that Monica has helped me get started with! I feel so grateful for the push these sessions have given me!

— Tiara H. Dessert N Desire


“Your meditations and 3 steps have been a huge help to me...thank you so much Monica!!!!””