Why I’m transitioning my company’s focus to podcasting

Why I’m transitioning my company’s focus to podcasting

At the beginning of the year, I launched my podcast, Influencer Girl Lifestyle Podcast, something that I had been wanting to do since 2015. The thing the stopped me from launching earlier was simple: I let others talk me out of it.

At some point though, if there’s something that deep down you want to do, eventually what others say or think doesn’t weigh on you as much as feeling disappointed that you can pursue something that excites you.

Podcasting has opened doors for me that I didn’t even know were possible. Having conversations with incredible business owners who have products in Sephora and Whole Foods, influencers with hundreds of thousands of followers, and even celebrities.

What I’ve realized through the podcast is the power of conversation and it doesn’t matter what new apps come out and how much time we spend behind our computers, conversation will always be the most powerful way to connect with each other. And when it comes to business, connection is the catalyst for success.

Seeing the power of podcasting made it a no brainer for me to transition my business, one centered around helping business owners share their stories, into this space. Below are the core reasons why I see the shift into podcasting being one that can’t be missed out on if you are serious about growing your business.

Here are the three core reasons why I believe in the future of podcasting:

Relying on social media is playing small

I know y’all are frustrated with Instagram and Facebook. It seems like you’re not really getting new leads in your business through social media. You feel like you’re always talking to the same people, which is fine because social media is the perfect place to nurture and build relationships with the people who already follow you. Your Instagram is the perfect place to stay top of mind with potential clients and current clients.

But let’s think about client acquisition. Do you really believe that a new client is going to show up because they found you through a hashtag? Ask yourself this, do you find people that you want to hire and work with through hashtags? Probably not. Hashtags are great for getting new likes to a photo, but let’s be clear – it’s not a client acquisition tool.

Podcasts are going to establish your expertise much faster than any social media post can.

Let’s say that you’re booked on a podcast with a podcast host with a loyal following. Well, that audience already sees the host as an expert and as someone trustworthy. Therefore, they’re going to trust that the host is only going to bring on expert guests. So automatically you’re being introduce to a brand new audience as an expert. You don’t have to prove yourself to them, all you have to do is be yourself and share your message.

From there, they’re like, alright, I want to learn more about her. So THAT’S when they’re going to follow you on social media. And because you know that because are coming to your Instagram already knowing that you’re an expert, you don’t have to spend 30 minutes a day writing a 2 sentence caption trying to prove to your audience that they should hire you. You can focus on having fun with the platform and using it how it’s intended to be, sharing fun things about your life and connecting with others.

And this goes beyond saving you HOURS creating posts. It’s going to save you so much energy when it comes to getting on discovery and consultation calls with clients. I’ve been hearing a lot lately about people getting on discovery calls with potential clients and the potential client basically starts interviewing them. Here’s the simple reason why they’re doing that – they’re not quite sure if you really are the expert in what they want to hire you for. So, if you can establish yourself as an expert on large platforms, including other people’s platforms (aka as a guest on podcasts), then they’re going to know that YES you are the expert before even booking the call. And honestly, this really means that you don’t even need to get on discovery calls anymore because they’re just going to sign up to work with you because they know what they can get out of it.

Podcasts have a greater life-span

Let’s say it takes you about 30 minutes a day to come up with a clever caption on Instagram, edit the photo and post it. The shelf-life of an Instagram post is honestly just a few hours. Let’s compare that to you getting booked on a podcast as a guest expert. Podcasts have a significantly longer life span because there’s less “noise” as there is on an Instagram feed. If you find a new podcast you love, chances are you’ll binge watch a few episodes. I still get inquiries from a podcast that I was a guest on 6 months ago.

You don’t have to launch your own podcast to get in on the action, you can establish your presence by being a guest on podcasts and that’s why I’m here to support my clients with both. Being a guest on podcasts before launching a podcast is also a great way to get warmed up to it and even see if it’s something that you want to dive into, because just like anything else it’s a commitment.

Whether you want to launch your own podcast or be a guest on them, one thing I know for sure is that this is the time to get in on it. Remember in 2014 when you were like “eh, Instagram’s not my thing, I’m not going to worry about it” and then 2016 rolled around and you were like “Why did I not get on here sooner?!” It’s time to get proactive grow your business on a larger scale.