I LOVE brainstorming ways to create freebies for my audience and sometimes the same old PDF or mini e-book can get a little old.

For the LONGEST time, I've been wanting to create a fun quiz for my audience, but the truth is that it felt SO daunting because there were all these different programs out there and I was scared to try them because what if it was just WAY to inconvenient?!

This has seriously been in the back of my head for such a long time that when Interact contacted me about how easy their quiz creating system was to use, I HAD to get on board to try it.

And here's the thing, it turns out I love quizzes even more than I thought I would for two reasons:

1. It's so much more fun for my audience to opt-in to PLUS they get more detailed results based on where they're at

You know how sometimes you sign up for something and it just seems so generic that you're disappointed, bored and just skim threw it? Quizzes take out of the equation because you can create specific feedback and education for your audience SPECIFICALLY based on where they're at and what THEY need.

The way I do this with a quiz is that instead of having a generic checklist or a checklist that encompasses so much that it's overwhelming, I have a checklist that fits into each of my 4 result categories so that the person filling out the quiz is getting ONLY what they need.

2. It's so much easier for me to send specific and targeted emails to my audience because the quiz results are automatically tagged in ConvertKit. How freaking cool is that? 

Ok, I'm all about automating things and not only automating in order to not waste my time, but not not waste my audience's time. That means sending out emails specifically to who needs it and not to those who don't and it just crowds their inbox.

For example, let's say I have an email that goes out that's really just for someone who's in the beginning stages of becoming an influencer, well I don't want to send that out to those who are advanced, so by having the quiz results automatically filter within ConvertKit, I can be confident that who needs it will get it and it wont bother anyone else.

3. It's done for you market research because without having to survey people and can see at what stage in business my audience is at!

Y'all know I LOVE me some market research and this is a SUPER simple way that you can understand who your message is reaching and get a crystal clear understanding of what stage in life, business, anything your audience is in.


I've heard from quite a few of y'all and you want to learn how to make quizzes too because you're like me and it just seems so much more fun and win-win for you and your audience!

Check out the tutorial below where I'm going to show you how to create a quiz with Interact.