Spicy Tequila Cocktail with Suja Juice

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Spicy Tequila Cocktail

With Suja Lemon Love


I put jalapenos on everything. I'm not kidding. I love them in my soup, on my dinner plate, in my salad, and yes, in my cocktail.

What else do I love to put in my cocktails? Juice…

I'm not talking orange juice or grapefruit juice. I'm talking healthy green juices and juices that are SUPER low in sugar.

If it's 10am on a Saturday and you hand me some bubbly and a green juice, I'm a happy girl.

I have a sensitive tummy so in order to set myself up for success when it comes to drinking, low sugar is the way to go. That's why I've also made the switch from my tried and true vodka soda's since I was 21 to tequila.

I've quickly realized that tequila is SO much easier for me to handle - I don't mean tequila SHOTS. Y'all I'd be done after one tequila shot. But like sipping good quality tequila. I'll just pour a bit on the rocks and add a squeeze of lime, a slice of jalapeno and I'm good to go.

When Suja sent over some of my favorite juices though, including Lemon Love (the cayenne & lemon one), I knew it was time to combine the best of both worlds of juice + jalapenos.

This cocktail was SO easy to make.

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For one cocktail here's the breakdown:

2 oz of tequila
half a squeeze of lime
Suja Lemon Love until the glass is filled
Cayenne pepper and salt mix for the rim of the glass (Sam gets the credit for this one)
3 slices of jalapeno

If the jalapeno is freaking you out, trust me the drink isn't that spicy, the spice really comes from the cayenne on the rim and in Lemon Love. Unless you were to soak the jalapenos for a long period of time, you're not going to get much heat from them. Not going to lie, they're 50% there because they look pretty in the glass.

Do you like spicy drinks? Do you put your green juice in your bubbly instead of orange juice? Let me know what your faves are!


P.S. If the drink is a little lemon/limey for you, you can add a splash of tonic water to balance it. I love lemon/lime flavors, but Sam had to add a splash of the tonic water…he also loved how the carbonation added to it too!

Suja Juice product in this post is courtesy of Suja Juice.