The number one question I get from bloggers is "how can I make money blogging?" and you know what, that was my biggest question for my first, I don’t know, 3-5 years blogging?!

So girlfriend, if that's the question you ask yourself every morning you wake up, you're not alone.

One of the biggest mistakes that I see bloggers who are trying to monetize do is implementing monetization strategies that worked 5-10 years ago.

The industry shifts every year and it seems like it's just changing faster and faster as it grows - which means what worked years ago just isn't what's going to work today in 2018.

It's not your fault if you've been trying to implement these past strategies. I mean, if you're anything like I was, I was just searching Pinterest for answers and often not looking at the date that the post was published on.

Another reason this happens is because we have our fave bloggers that we admire and follow their steps to success, but again they started in a different time when the industry was totally different.

I know you might have some resistance to monetizing in a way that maybe you didn't orignally set out to, but how badly do you want to make an income blogging? If it's a non-negotiable for you, here are the monetization strategies that I'm obsessing over for this year.

Note: For myself and my clients, this year having a program / service is the largest income stream bringing in $5k-$10K a month with brand partnerships and affiliate links being supplemental to that.

If you have a smaller following or are just starting out, this is the route that I recommend, but at the end of the day, you have to tune in to what feels good to you.

Brand Partnerships

Brand partnerships/sponsorships have been relevant for years now, but in 2018 it's time to do things differently.

It's time to drop the brand partnerships with random brands that:

  1. Don't excite you
  2. Don't feel relevant to your brand
  3. You wouldn't actually buy their product with your own money

Why? Your audience is smart and you don't want to lose their trust. They can tell when a brand "isn't on brand" for you. They can tell when you're posting the same accessory that every other blogger was sent which equals super boring and uninspiring posts.

Affiliate links

My faves OTM: ShopStyle and Amazon

It's time to start using affiliate links differently too, especially if you have a smaller following and make pennies a week through your outfit posts.

Let's finally say good by to making pennies as a blogger!

Instead of just Instagram and blog posts, use them in your email newsletter. If you have a smaller following it's going to take a long time to build your income if you're only relying on affiliate links. This just can't be your only stream of income anymore if you want to be a six-figure blogger.

Using links in your email newsletter will have higher engagement than relying on Instagram posts and as a bonus, you can stop worrying about the Instagram algorithm and making sure your posts gets seen.

Programs and services

These revenue streams give you more control over how much you earn monthly and have been how I have been able to bring in $10k months.

There's a common misconception that it requires starting a whole new business, a shit ton of work, or that it's "selling out."

But here's the truth:

• You only need to create a course once and can sell it passively for years.

• Programs and services have a higher price point than most brand sponsorships and affiliates if you have a smaller audience.

• Your audience at some point is going to want more from you beyond your insta feed and blog posts  (especially fi you're not consistent)

Your audience knows you, likes you and trusts you.

It's time you provide an option for them where they can dive deeper with you and that's about giving more to your audience, not selling out.

Want to dive deeper on turning your blog into a business? CLICK HERE to access the free checklist to do so this month!