Do this for a better week

What happens when your Monday or Tuesday starts off wonky and then you decide for yourself that "I guess the rest of the week is going to be just as difficult?" Most likely what happens is that you get exactly what you expected the rest of the week.

But guess what - YOU get to set the tone for the week.

So maybe you spilled your coffee on your lap today or you forgot about an appointment.

Why let that define your week? Instead, stand in your own power and decide what the tone for the rest of the week is - you've still got a few more days!

Is your week going to be energetic? inspiring? creative? slow? fast? abundant?

Decide now and start feeling it inside of you. The more you feel it the more it will start to feed off of it and expand throughout your day.

So now that you're re-energized to live your best week this week, down below I'm sharing some lifestyle inspo with y'all that's been lighting me up recently from podcasts to shopping to food.

Because when we have an inspired lifestyle that we love and are aiming towards, our business goal clarity will start to come alive much more easily. It gets the creative juices flowing, it gets you feeling like yourself again, it's a way to have FUN!

Podcasts I'm Loving:

Adderall & Compliments Episode 86 - amazing empowerment and reminders when it comes to relationships - whether you're in a relationship or single there's a lot of wisdom in here in between the laughs.

Beautiful Money Episode 27: How to Become a Beautiful Money Manifestor - the way that Leanne breaks this down - especially for creatives to receive more money and get their products out there - is unlike any other way I've heard it explained

Snacks I'm Loving:

Daily Harvest - Y'all. Making smoothies has never been easier because these are presliced and frozen. AND YOU KNOW WHAT IS SO EXCITING?! Now they have sundaes. Healthy dessert for daysssss!


I've been using this Prada wallet all month because the chain has made it so easy to be on the go - and it's an approved size for football games (and it's read) which is a done and done for Chiefs season. Because #gosports


Rose Quartz Gua Sha - I have been loving this rose quartz facial massage that you can give yourself. It's a lymphatic massage and it feels so good - I've been doing it before bed. I included it in a self-care box for a client recently and she's been loving it too! Here's a video on how to do it.

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