What I want to splurge on this Summer

The items on my shopping wish list to splurge on this summer featured on 45 Fairmount by Monica WoodhamsOver the last few years, my shopping style has really changed. I used to go shopping all the time. Seriously, every week I had countless packages at my door. I hit a point though where I wasn't wearing everything and it just seemed like clutter.

Because of this, I realized that what would really make me happy is if I had fewer pieces that are really good quality and I felt amazing in.

This new system has also allowed me the space to have more money to spend on splurge pieces that were once reserved just for my birthday.

Instead, now, I can do it on a quarterly basis because I'm not randomly spending without realizing it.

I wanted to put together this list to share with y'all what's on my mind and to give you some ideas in case you've been planning a shopping trip to treat yourself.

I want to know, what is on your splurge wish list?! Comment below!


I go through phases on thoughts on accessories, but I have had a Gucci belt on my wishlist for seriously months and I'm sure it's going to be the first thing on my list. I also am obsessed with these tassel bangles. My friend was wearing the black and beige one and it was SO cute. Also - I have been really thinking it's time to invest in an Apple watch...especially if I can get the Hermes strap with it!


Ever since I saw these flamingo statement earrings, I've been searching through ALL of the Elizabeth Cole earrings. They're seriously SO fun and would make an outfit summery in an instant! I wish I had these for the black tie wedding I went to last weeked!


I'm all about splurge-worthy necessities. I mean, out of everything you own, these are the ones that get the most use. My favorite bras are from Third Love and Cosabella. Also - a comfy and pretty pj set for summer is a MUST.


Beauty is another area where I've been buying less but spending more on quality. Right now at the top of my list are RMS beauty products, GOOP skin care products, and GlamGlow masks!