5 Wellness Podcast Recommendations

  Podcasts took 2016 and 2017 by storm in just about every genre you could think of and then some. No matter the niche, you can find podcasts that will inspire you, teach you and entertain you. And when they do all of the above, that's the best combo.

The wellness podcast recommendations I have for you meet all of those things.

That's So Retrograde

If I could only choose one or two wellness podcast recommendations, this would be at the top of the list. This is my favorite podcast right now all across the board. And really it has been for over a year. The hosts, Stephanie and Elizabeth are hilarious and keep it real when it comes to their own personal wellness journeys and learning about everything that is at their fingertips when it comes to the wellness world.

Recommended Episodes:

Soy Retrograde - with actress Emma Roberts, talking about Emma's wellness journey and love for crystals.

Essential Basics - with Hope Gillerman the essential oils expert.

The Most Retrograde - The podcast's resident astrologist (And mine) breaks down what you need to know about astrology in a way that makes sense

Spring Cleaning - with NYC fashion stylist turned Shaman. Talking about clearing spaces, cleansing your closet, and more.

Adderall and Compliments

The host of Adderall and Compliments, Annabelle, would LOL if she knew that I put her on a wellness podcast list, but I would be lying if I said that I haven't learned a lot from her when it comes to the wellness space.

She frequently has on really cool healers, including her go-to healer at The House of Intuition. She even has collaborated with The House of Intuition with a candle and crystal kits that are budget friendly!

Recommended Episodes:

Episode 54 with Naha Armady - Naha, an energy and crystal healer answers every question you ever had about the full moon.

Episode 42 with Spencer Pratt - Ohh yeah, you know that this is going to be an entertaining one. And crystals will for sure be a topic of discussion.

Episode 28 - Naha talks about crystal healing and manifesting

Raw Talk with Sheena

If you listen to Straight up with Stassi (or are a Vanderpump Rules fan), you've probably heard of her New Orleans high school bff Sheena. Sheena has a juice bar in New Orleans that has expanded into energy healing and nutrition. Sheena and her often co-host Amberleigh aren't afraid to talk about ANYTHING, even aliens. Sometimes it can get a little intense but I have learned so much from it that I have now taken into my every day.

Recommended episodes:

#9 Meditation - this is a guided meditation for opening on the heart chakra

#15 Raw Talk Goes Straight up with Stassi & Amberleigh - Sheena, and Amberleigh hang out with Stassi of Vanderpump Rules and don't hold back.

#27 Stassi + Scientology - This time with Stassi joining them, they talk about Stassi and Jax's run in with Scientology

The Skinny Confidential

This is one of the podcasts I was most excited about when I heard they launched a podcast. I have been reading The Skinny Confidential for YEARS and I was excited to get to know Lauryn in a more raw and personal way. She and her co-host Michael are able to get a lot of incredible guests on the podcast.

Episode #16 - This one is with Lauryn's grandmother and she talks about how comparing yourself to others can hinder your success

Episode #20 - Mental toughness and daily routines that Lauryn and Michael do for successful days

Episode #46 - This one is with Alli Hilfiger who has been on a major wellness journey while fighting Lyme Disease

The Balanced Blonde Soul on Fire

The Balanced Blonde podcast is one I discovered recently and am so glad I did. Jordan is really honest about her wellness journey and since she's based in LA she has access to some really incredible interviews!

Recommended Episodes:

#28 High Vibe Livin - This one is with the High Vibe Livin' girls and I am SO happy I listening to this episode because it introduced me to them. I recently signed up for their Intro to Kundalini and am LOVING it!

#24 Lee from America  - The biggest takeaway I had from this episode is the importance of listening to your body. After hearing this episode I started following Lee on Instagram and now look forward to Lee's insta stories every day.

#18 How You Glow - This episode is with the founders of How You Glow and they talk about being wellness girl bosses

Question for you! What are your favorite podcasts? And what are your fave wellness podcasts?! Let me know in the comments below!