4 Ways to Boost Your Creativity

4 Ways to Boost Your Creativity Today and get past the creative blocks and rut - featured on 45 Fairmount by Monica Woodhams
4 Ways to Boost Your Creativity Today and get past the creative blocks and rut - featured on 45 Fairmount by Monica Woodhams

One of the reasons why I love my business so much is because it serves as a creative outlet. I LOVE creating. Whether it's a course, or a new blog post, or a photoshoot, I love being creative, trying something new and just putting myself out there.

It's sometimes still scary, but I love every second of it.

But like with anything us humans do, we get stuck in ruts...I know this all too well ESPECIALLY when it comes to creativity.

I know I'm not alone in this, so I wanted to share with y'all some ways that I boost my creativity on the reg.

Before getting into it though, if you're currently feeling like you're in a creative rut I want you to take a deep breathe in and let it out.

Do it again.

And remind yourself that it's not your fault, it's ok, and you have everything it takes to be creative and create incredible things.


It's simply human nature that we sometimes get these creative blocks. It happens to the greatest writers, artists, gurus.

What matters is that you take action to remove yourself from the creative rut. And it doesn't need to be hard or take up your entire day. You don't have to book a trip or go to a conference (although those are two options that I definitely LOVE, but this post is more about the things that you can do on a weekly basis).

So now let's take a collective deep breath (I'm doing it as I'm typing this to you right now).

Let it go.

And say out loud "I am ready to get my creative juices flowing"


This one is my FAVORITE and my #1 go to when I know I need a boost to my creativity or motivation to get a project done.

Changing your scenery stimulates you because you're in a new surrounding that you're not used to seeing every single day.

If you work in an office and can't really get out, I recommend booking out a conference room for a few hours for yourself.

If you work from home, take it outside to the patio or make your way over to a coffee shop.


Sometimes when I'm not feeling creative, it's because I've gotten so caught up in producing content that I forget about the WHY. The second that I listen to someone who I admire, and I remember my why and all of a sudden have an endless list of things to create and the excitement and motivation to finish a project.


Amanda Frances

Gabby Bernstein

Think Creative Collective


This one always works for me especially if I'm meeting with a friend who is in a similar industry to me. I love it because we both spend time talking about what's new and going on and then after we get that covered, we start talking about what we'd like to be making better progress on.

That's when the good stuff happens. It's like a mini bff mastermind where we go back and forth and re-ignite the fire and creativity within us.

How cool is it that just 1 hour of a coffee date can lead to WEEKS of creative juices flowing!


Ok this is going to sound kind of odd, but sometimes doing something completely unrelated to the project you're trying to create is the best thing that you can do to make it happen.

Working out is an incredible tool to clear your mind which allows you to go back to work and look at the project from a clean slate. Sometimes when we're staring at something for a long time, we get too far in it and then we're just way to close to it.

Taking a break to work out ensures that the perspective is re-aligned and that you can start creating again

Action: Take some time out of your day this week to try out one of these 4 tips

I want to know: What are your favorite tips for getting those creative juices flowing again? Comment below and let me know!


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