3 Wellness Habits I'm Loving In June

3 Wellness Habits I'm Loving in June featured on 45 Fairmount by Monica Woodhams Y'all, we're at the end of June. I thought I had weeks to prep for this June wellness roundup, but the last week of June popped up out of NOWHERE.

Here's a roundup of what I've been doing or trying this month when it comes to wellness!


I have always been a fan of apple cider vinegar. I seriously LOVE it. I love how it helps me digest foods and I love the energy boost it gives me. I'm a believer though that something that you do every single day for a long period of time needs a break.

I've been doing apple cider vinegar shots for 4 years now. That's a long time so I went on about a 4-month break. It was for no reason other than I intuitively felt like I needed a break from it. I still put it on my salads, but no morning shots.

So this month I started incorporating it back into my diet and I definitely have noticed that my body is happy I'm doing so...especially my digestive system.

If there's something that you've been doing for a long time, I suggest looking into it and seeing if maybe you're body is craving a break from it (of course please please please talk to your doctor first).


I think that I typically crave a change in habits when the seasons change. I stopped the apple cider vinegar towards the end of winter and then towards the end of summer I stopped my Daily Harvest smoothies regularly.

This week though I started them back up and I am back on the boat! I have a feeling that this summer these are going to continue to be a go-to because they're the perfect snack when it's hot out.

Also, they recently launched overnight oats and chia puddings that I can't wait to try!!

My favorite flavor: Mint + Cacao! Seriously y'all this is AMAZING. It also really reminds me of a shake at Cafe Gratitude. I think it's called Cool?

Here's what's in it: banana, spinach, cacao nib, raw cashew, water, peppermint, chlorella, vanilla bean. SOOOO GOOOD!!!!


I've turned back to journaling to help clear my mind. Typically I'll do it in the morning or at night before bed, but recently I've enjoyed pulling out my notebook in the middle of the day when something comes up that stresses me out and that normally I would let my mind race thinking about for hours.

Talk about losing productivity.

So instead, I get it all out on paper and am able to move on in significantly less time and energy that just stewing in it.

If there's a situation or person that you're frustrated with for whatever reason, there's so much power in writing a forgiveness letter. This letter does not need to get sent to them, you can tear it up after to help release it. But here's what important to do in the forgiveness letter. 1. Forgive them. 2. Forgive yourself for the part that you played in the situation. 3. and make the intention to release the negative feelings around this for the highest good of all of those concerned.

Action: What have your favorite wellness habits been this month?! Comment below!