How to do a workout at home + Week 3 of Flexy by MJ Fitness Boutique

How to workout at home and stay motivated to do so featured on 45 Fairmount by Monica Woodhams I work from home, so I generally try to make it to the gym to workout rather than choosing to work out at home. However, on those really busy days, it makes the workout do-able. When I lived in an apartment (up until 3 weeks ago), it was incredibly easy to just go to the apartment complex's gym, but now that I'm in a house, it's a totally different story.

I know that sometimes we think that we can't get a workout in because we're home and don't have fancy gym equipment, so then we just end up not doing it.

What I've realized though is that it's really easy to have your workout needs covered with just a few basics.

I've been able to do the majority of the Flexy workout program by MJ Fitness Boutique from home, which is really nice because, on a super nice Spring day like today, I took a break from work and got my workout in outside. Not bad for week 3 of the program!

I actually ended up SAVING time, making it extra do-able to do during the day, because I didn't spend 30 minutes in the car getting to my gym or fitness studio.

Another reason that I enjoy doing a workout at home is because I have plenty of space to myself and don't have to worry about waiting for someone to finish up and let's be honest - another reason is because I can wear a mismatched outfit and socks and no one is going to see.

Set a workout time

One way to make sure that you get your workout in at home is to set a time in your calendar for when you're going to workout. The problem you may run into if you don't is that you'll find a thousand other things that need to be done at home and then before you know it, you're exhausted and decide you'll wait until tomorrow.

If you have a flexible schedule like me, I suggest doing your workout around 2-3pm, especially if you tend to get sluggish around this time. When I do 2-3pm workouts, I find that it re-energizes me and I feel motivated to finish up my work and am a lot more focused. Then - if you're still feeling sluggish, go for that cup of coffee or try one of these ways to boost your energy naturally without coffee.

Something that I've been doing that helps me plan out my day and workout is at the beginning of the week, going into Trello and marking the type of workout or focus I'll be doing that day. I have a Trello board for "My Week" and it's broken down by day, and that's where it goes! P.S. if you've been looking for a productivity tool, I used to swear by Asana but Trello has definitely changed the game for me!

Basic Equipment

You really don't need as much as you think to get in a good workout at home. My staples are my Lululemon yoga mat (Manduka has awesome mats too), dumbbells, a foam roller and a jump rope.

For dumbbells, I've had the same ones since college, so once you buy them once they'll last you forever. I have 3lb, 5lb and 10lb weights. A kettlebell is on my list of things I'd like to get.

When it comes to some of the Flexy workouts that you do at home, you do need a step and a bench and I guarantee you that you have something in your house that can improvise for these. And if you don't, check out Craigslist or of course Amazon.

You can also shop more of my fitness faves here including my fave fitness outfits and shoes 

Use Technology

Use technology on your side for getting your workouts done at home. One of the challenging things about working out at home is the uncertainty of knowing if you're doing a certain move the correct way.

I'm very adamant about making sure I do workouts correctly because I've gotten injured before by doing a workout move wrong. So, luckily MJ Fitness Boutique launched a YouTube channel and so when I have a question on a certain move, I just go there.

An extra motivator can be using a FitBit or Apple watch. I know that when I remember to wear my FitBit, those are definitely the days that I get more done. Fingers crossed though that I get an Apple watch this summer.

Do any of y'all have an Apple watch? If so, I'd love to know what you think and what your recommendations are!

Today's Actionable: Head over to YouTube and find a workout you can do with little to no equipment at home and schedule a time to do it this week! Here's an example for MJ Fitness Boutique

+ This post was a collaboration with MJ Fitness Boutique. All opinions are my own.


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