The one thing I did to fall asleep faster + Week 2 of the MJ Fitness Boutique Program

The one thing I did to fall asleep faster My sleep tends to go in phases. For months at a time I will fall asleep in 5 seconds and sleep hard throughout the night and then for a few months, I'll struggle to fall asleep and wake up randomly throughout the night.

Up until last week, I was dealing with the latter.

There were probably quite a few factors that went into this, I had a lot of things I needed to get done before May that was keeping me super busy and I had taken the month off of yoga just because I felt like that's what my body needed (sometimes I feel like I have tennis elbow from yoga and it needs a break).

So what happened that I finally started getting a good night's sleep and having no problem falling asleep? I started working out again.

As y'all know from a recent blog post, last week I started the Flexy program from MJ Fitness Boutique. The program is one that you can do totally online at home, no matter where you are so it was perfect for my crazy end of April schedule.

I knew that I was going to benefit from it, but what I totally forgot was how much working out helps me sleep.

The types of workouts that I do in the program are a combination of upper body, lower body, core and cardio depending on the day and my body has always loved these types of workouts where I'm changing it up depending on the day. Mentally, it keeps me from getting bored and physically I'm not exhausting myself.

It's a pretty common fact that working out regularly can help balance your sleep, but I think that it often gets forgotten. I mean, I can't tell you how many times I've told my dad that I'm having trouble sleeping and the first thing he says is, "have you been working out?"

The one thing that I have to be careful of is not working out too close to bedtime, but that just me, I know plenty of people who workout around 8 pm and still sleep great. The key is to get in tune with your body and know what works best for it and then prioritize that. AKA if you're like me and can't workout at 8 pm PRIOTIZIE working out in the morning or afternoon so that 8 pm doesn't roll around and that's your last chance to get the workout done.

So why does working out help us sleep?

According to this study, one of the factors is because of the increase in body temperature that is triggered by working out and then the drop in temperature afterward helps promote falling asleep.

It also touches on exercise affecting our circadian rhythms (our body clock) which ultimately affects when we fall asleep. Our internal body clock is in charge of regulating when we're feeling sleepy or awake and it is something that changes depending on stress, activity, and age.

The other reason the study mentions is because exercise is a great way to relieve stress and anxiety and when you aren't as stressed and anxious, you won't be as prone to laying in bed staring at the ceiling while thinking about all of the thinks you should've, could've or need to do.

If this is a wake-up call for you realizing that it really could be as simple as changing one thing about your day (getting a workout in) to get better sleep, I recommend doing something that will be easy to stay accountable with. That's why the Flexy program by MJ Fitness Boutique works. You do it on your terms wherever is most convenient for you.

I'm going into week two and the week kicked off with a check-in with one of the trainers behind the program. This is the first online workout program I've ever done where there is this type of 1:1 attention. The trainers actually check in with you twice a week via your preferred method of communication (email works best for me).

+ This post was a collaboration with MJ Fitness Boutique. All opinions are my own.