Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale 2017

Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale 2017 Alrightyyyyy, here we go. The Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale already started BUT we still got a few days left ladies and gents!!

During the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale you can get up to 40% off some super fab items that have been on your wishlist for months.

I'm rounding up ALL of my faves in this post because I know you probs don't want to be spending your entire day clicking on pages and pages of items that might not be your style.

I also included some of my fave mens items because you know, Father's Day is going to be here before you know it!

And before we get into it, here's what I've bought during the sale so far:

Ray-Ban Sunglasses

I am SO excited about these sunglasses because about a month ago I tried them on at the store and they were AMAZING and VERY resemblant to a Snapchat filter. I couldn't really justify the $225 price though (even though they're the foldable ones). HOWEVER. I was BEYOND excited when I saw them on sale for $112. Seriously. $112.

Joie Shoes

I am all about Joie shoes for weddings. So, of course, I bought these in the orange color for an upcoming outdoor wedding. Two things went into this. If the heel gets dirty then it'll be easy to clean and second because Joie heels are the MOST comfortable. Seriously. Fun fact - they're made with memory foam so it's not just in my head that they make the most comfortable heels.










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