My Natural Everyday Makeup Routine

My natural everyday makeup routine featured on 45 Fairmount by Monica Woodhams Y'all. I just filmed a beauty YouTube video. I haven't filmed one of these in TEN years, but I wanted to share my everyday makeup routine and I thought filming it would be the easiest way.

I don't often venture into the beauty realm on my blog. Part of that is because I'm not a huge makeup person. I LOOOOVE me some skincare products, but when it comes to makeup, I keep it simple with natural beauty products.

It was really funny filming this video because two of the products I shared are ones that I used in my old YouTube video days (good luck finding them, I think I took them all down haha).

I also want y'all to let me know if you would like to see more videos, not necessarily about beauty but fashion and wellness videos would be super fun to make! So let me know what you'd want to see!

The YouTube world has changed SO much since I was in that space. The videos out there are amazing and SUCH good quality. I hesitated for a bit to post it because it's not nearly as good of video quality as a lot of people have, but I remembered - done is better than perfect. 

Now onto my everyday makeup routine!

I call this my everyday makeup routine because it's a great natural day look. Honestly, though this is my nighttime makeup look too. Seriously, I'm so low maintenance when it comes to makeup. The difference between day to night for me is how many layers of mascara I put on.

Seriously, that's it.


I usually LOVE to start with a clean face and add a few drops of oil. I love how multipurpose oil is and I like adding the same one to the ends of my hair. I recently ran out though and before buying a new bottle, I thought I'd work through my bottle of Osea Atmosphere Protection Cream.

This cream is as light as you can get when it comes to a cream. It's so light it sounds weird calling it a cream.

The cream is a clean beauty product and is organic and vegan. It helps protect against wind and pollution while moisturizing and serving as a primer. I wish that it had sunscreen in it is the only thing I find missing.


As I get older, I'm realizing just how important SPF is. I feel like SPF is just one of those things that are generally a "figure out when you're and adult" even though it should be a lifetime thing.

Luckily going to the tanning salon isn't as cool now as it was when I was in high school.

I've been using this caffeinated sunscreen that was recommended by The Skinny Confidential. I've been using it for about a month and it's one of the only sunscreens I've worn on my face that hasn't made me breakout.


I'm not a foundation girl, I much prefer tinted moisturizer because it's buildable (less risk of mistakes) and because I feel weird when I feel like I have too much makeup on. The Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer has been my tried and true since I was 15. That's over 10 years. I've never realized how loyal I can be to a product until now.

Lately, I've been wearing it in the Tawny shade. Also - I've tried both the oil-free and regular versions and the regular is by far my fave (I have combo skin).


I've been ALL about the cream blushes for the past year. Up until this Spring, I swore by my Nars multiple stick. Recently though, I decided to try out Glossier cloud paint and I LOOOOVE it!! I got it in dusk and it's super buildable which again means less risk of mistakes!!

If you want 20% off your first purchase at Glossier, you can use my link here!


The whole brow thing is relatively new to me. I used to use the Anastasia brow kit back in the day but stopped using it probably in late college. Last year, I was getting my makeup done for a wedding though, and I realized that it was exactly what was missing in my everyday makeup routine. It really takes it up a notch. I've been loving Glossier's Boy Brow recently! I use it in the color brown.

So now you have double reason to shop at Glossier if you haven't before - 20% off using this link.


This is my other tried and true favorite. I have tried soooo many mascaras and I always go back to Diorshow, which I used for the first time when I was 14 or 15. This is one of the few mascaras that don't irritate my eyes, don't smudge, and make a difference even if I don't curl them.

You might notice if you watch the video, that I didn't curl my eyelashes. I haven't curled my eyelashes in over a year. It wasn't really on purpose, my Shu Uemera curler broke and it was INCREDIBLE but hard to find now, and I tried a random one and it HURT so badly to use. So I just stopped using it, and honestly, I like how my lashes look without it.


So by now, you're REALLY realizing how low maintenance I am when it comes to makeup. Same goes for lips. My lips get dry SUPER easily and because of this, they pretty much shrivel up when I put on lipstick or lipgloss. That's why I stick to my trusty Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments. It's one of the ONLY lip products (including chapsticks) that doesn't dry out my lips one bit. I swear by it so much I keep one in my travel bag, makeup bag, and purse. Also - I can still get a pop of color if I use one of the tinted ones.


I don't always use Herbivore rose water setting spray, especially if I'm in a hurry. If I have the time though, I will spray it a few times. It's hydrating, a clean product, and it keeps your makeup in place.

Overall, I don't see my everyday makeup routine changing anytime soon. The one thing that I want to play around with is incorporating more clean beauty products in addition to the Osea moisturizer and the Herbivore spray that I already use.

Do you have any suggestions on clean beauty products that you're loving lately?! Let me know in the comments!