Mother's Day Gift Ideas 2017

Mothers Day Gifts 2017 featured on lifestyle blog 45 Fairmount by Monica Woodhams

Sooo it's almost Mother's Day and I was determined this year to be more aware of when it is and so I'm not panicking 5 days before realizing it's already here. This year I put together some categories as a starting point to help you get your Mother's Day shopping done quickly but with a quality gift, you know your mom is going to loooooooove!

Also if you're a mama, why not treat yourself to something pretty?!

As for what I'm getting my mama this year, I'm getting her the Adobe Creative Suite so she can start learning Photoshop and InDesign - she already knows so if she sees this it won't ruin the surprise! I'm really excited about gifting her this because she had been talking about how it's something she'd like to do EVENTUALLY, but I'm all about NOW.


I love the idea of gifting a card case because it's an inexpensive way to gift a Luxe gift. Most of these designer card cases are under $400 which makes giving the gift of Gucci a lot more manageable.

I'm dying over the pink Gucci card case and the Stella McCartney one (which is such a reasonable price).

When choosing a card case, consider what types of accessories your mom leans towards. If everything is classic, you can't go wrong with black because it will for sure stand the test of time. If she likes adding a little more "fun," why not go with a colored one!


If your mom is anything like mine, she LOVES a good cardigan. I wish y'all could see a picture of one her closets because literally, it is only cardigans in every shade. Yet she still buys more. I've never seen her leave the house without one no matter the time of year.

I picked out a few cardigans below that are simple and will go with any outfit at a few different price points. What they all have in common though is that they all are super comfy!!


Ok so sometimes gifting a bag can be tricky because you absolutely MUST make sure it is a brand that you know the person you are gifting it to likes. That being said, you probs know your mom well enough to know what brands she's been eyeing and wishes she had but would never actually buy for herself. There's a gorge Rebecca Minkoff at a great price point of $325 that looks similar to the Chloe bag.


Sandals are a great Mother's Day gift to really kick off summer. There are so many cute sandals out right now that aren't heels because let's be real - you're mom probably wants some comfortable sandals for her next trip.


Statement pieces make amazing gifts because whenever someone compliments them they'll also probably ask where they're from and your mom will LOVE to say that her daughter gifted them as a mother's day gift.

I've linked up a few statement earrings, necklaces, and bracelets that would make a fab gifting choice that she can whip out for a summer barbecue or upcoming wedding.