May Wellness Roundup

May Wellness roundup. A round up of Monica's favorite wellness things and activities featured on 45 Fairmount We're coming up on the end of the month so what better time for a wellness roundup? This month, I haven't really tried too many new things. May was about slowing dow for me. And as I type this, I'm realizing that it should be part of my wellness roundup too.

So here we go.

Slowing Down

Ever since we were approaching the full moon a few weeks ago, I realized that my body was really telling me to slow down. I have a lot of exciting projects coming up and I wanted to get them done all at once. I very quickly realized though that it was time to slow down and if I do that, everything will still get done in a much smoother way. I'm happy that I really took this to heart because I feel like I'm coming into June feeling grounded and energized. I mean, the 3 day weekend for Memorial Day helped too though.

Kundalini Yoga

I've been practicing Kundalini Yoga on and off for over a year now. I was lucky enough for Guru Jagat to be my very first Kundalini yoga instructor. When I walked into my first class at Ra Ma, I had no idea who she was or what I was walking into. Later on, I found out she's an incredible leader in the yoga world. During the Spring, I decided to jump back into it when I bought her new book. Then this month, I came across two women who created High Vibe Livin. I was beyond thrilled when they announced their intro to Kundalini Yoga series that included a full 1-hour yoga session. I've been doing it 9 days in a row so far and am planning on doing 40 of this kriya total.

The thing that's really cool about what High Vibe Livin has put together is that they are super approachable and relatable especially when they break down the lessons behind Kundalini and why you do certain things. If you're totally new to Kundalini and are a little nervous about going to a class first, I HIGHLY recommend this training. Plus it's only $30.

Coconut Oil in My Coffee

I've gotten in the habit of adding coconut oil to my coffee for two reasons. The first being because coffee is acidic and I have an inkling that my acid reflux and tummy feeling funny might have to do that I had been drinking coffee black on an empty stomach.

I honestly thought for a while that I was being healthy by drinking my coffee black, but I'm quickly realizing that my body can process it much more easily when I have something "fatty" in there with it to balance it out.

The second reason why I've been adding coconut oil to my coffee is that it's an easy way to get my coconut oil fix in. Why? Because having no gallbladder means that it's harder for me to break down fat BUT coconut oil is one of the only fats that it's able to do this with properly!

Win, Win, Y'all!

Morning Routine

Over the last year, my morning routine has been HUGE for me in creating a balanced day where I take care of my mind, body, AND soul. In May, this became a huge theme for me all over again because I moved which meant that there were some alterations to my morning routine and I had to adjust. It was also a huge theme in my month because I've started to incorporate morning routines and evening routines into my coaching because I've seen how nailing this down has a spillover effect in accomplishing other goals throughout the day!

Dirty Lemon Detox Water

I'm not gonna lie. I'm a SUCKER for cute packaging whether it's food or makeup or shampoo, I love the good packaging. Now, this just gets me in the door. If the thing does not live up to my expectations, I don't let the packaging fool me and I'll move on.

I've been wanting to try Dirty Lemon for over a year now. They have collagen lemon waters and detox lemon waters. They have a few others but that's what they're known for. My friend tried it a while back and liked it and I had mentioned to her that I was curious about it.

Luckily for me, she reordered it recently and let me try the Detox water. I'm drinking it right now as we speak. It has charcoal in it (which Y'all know I'm a HUGE fan of) so you want to drink it before bed. TBD on how I feel when I wake up, but the lemon water really does taste good.

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Zella Sports Bras

I almost forgot to include this in my May wellness roundup, but thank goodness I remembered.

Ok, this is going to sound crazy, but I have had the hardest time finding comfortable sports bras, not realizing that the comfiest sports bra EVER was sitting in my dress for TWO YEARS. SERIOUSLY. TWO YEARS. During the Nordstrom Sale two years ago, I purchased a Zella sports bra and put it in my drawer. I must have done a lot of laundry after that because it got buried way deep. So far deep that in my last two moves it didn't resurface.

Two weeks ago though, I was digging through and noticed a sports bra with tags on and I realized that this was the long-lost bra I never even tried.

The second I put it on I was in disbelief. It's seriously INSANELY comfortable. There's something about how the fabric touches your skin that it feels like it's a part of you and moves with you rather than locking you in. So, if you're in the market for one, now's your chance (especially because the Nordstrom sale is going on this week - but it's for sure worth full price too). I can't find the same model, but this one is really similar.


Action: What's one wellness tip, trick or hack you want to start in June? Comment below and let me know! I love getting ideas from y'all! Bonus points if you include what was in your May wellness roundup!