How to Create a Morning Routine Even If You're Not a Morning Person

How to create a morning routine even if you're not a morning person featured on 45 Fairmount by Monica Woodhams I am not naturally a morning person. You would think it's a miracle that I've created a morning routine for myself that gets me out of bed up to 2 hours earlier than I normally would.

Yesterday, I jumped on FB Live on my Facebook Page and talked about my morning routine and how a morning AND evening routine can be game changers if you're dealing with overwhelming days, stress or self-doubt. I saved the video, so you can still watch it here.

There are two main reasons why me, the definitely not a morning person, has been able to fall in love with morning routines. Like, I'm obsessed with them and learning about what other people's routines are and helping others create them.

Reason Number 1: I love how my days flow on the days I stick to the routine (especially weeks in a row)

Reason Number 2: I've created a routine that is made up of things that are fun for me and I'm excited to know that I have time to do them

Before we get into how to create a morning routine, I want to first say that the key to consistency to routine's, I've found is to have a long version (1-2 hours) and a short version 20-40 minutes. Because you know what, life happens and there are going to be days where sleeping in is your self-care for the day, or you spent the night at your boyfriend's house or whatever reason. It's your morning, you get to do what you want with it - and when it sets you up for success the rest of the day, even better! You want to set yourself up for success so having 1, 2 , or 3 versions is totally ok!

There are three components that are important to include in your morning routine. You can pick and choose one or two things from each category, it's just really important that you don't choose too many things. Start small and then add on as you get used to it.

Component #1: Breath

It is SO SO important to start your first waking minutes with a deep breath or two. Oxygen nourishes your organs and you'll also find that it helps you feel a little (maybe just a teenie bit) more awake. This is also a GREAT time to drink a glass of water before doing anything else.

Options for conscious breathing:

+ take 3 slow deep breaths with your eyes closed and really focus on making each breath count + 5-10 minute deep breathing meditation + Breath of Fire for 1-7 minutes depending on your level

Component #2: Movement

You've just been laying in bed for (hopefully) 8 hours, so do you really want to go straight to your desk and sit for the next 8 hours? Didn't think so. Give yourself the time to move gently. Also, when you're doing your deep breathing before this step, I recommend tuning into your body to see how it's feeling and what type of movement it's craving. Trust me, when you learn to listen to your body you'll know exactly what you need to do.

Options for Movement:

+ Restorative yoga poses like hip openers + Yoga flow + Stretching your legs and arms + Kundalini Yoga + Cat/Cow Poses to warm up your spine

Component #3: Mindfulness and Planning

Taking the time to address all the thoughts that are popping up in your head and your to-do list during this time is better than pushing them down and then they all burst by 3pm. This is a good time to think about what your major long-term goal is and the one (big or small) thing you can do today towards that goal.

Options for Mindfulness and Planning:

+ Journaling + Affirmations + Writing down the top 3 things that you plan to accomplish that day and what it will feel like to have them done by the time you go to bed

So now that you have these 3 key components, there are of course an endless amount of things you can do to customize it to make it exciting for you. Examples like hot tea, coffee, lemon water, crystals, palo santo, a bath, reading, the list goes on and on. I had to play with these different ideas for a while until I found the groove that really set me up for success.

I want to know, what is your current morning routine? What do you love about it? And if you don't have one, what are the main reasons why you aren't doing it?

P.S. Want to create a morning routine that works for you and sets you up for success and consistency? Shoot me an email at and let's hop on a call to chat about it!