The LA Babe Toolkit to bring out your inner glow

LA Babe toolkit - everything that you need in order to bring out your inner LA babe no matter where you live. Products for a natural glow from the inside out on lifestyle blog 45 Fairmount by Monica Woodhams In my new LA Babe State of Mind series, I talk about the lifestyle changes that I adopted in Los Angeles and brought with me back to the midwest. These lifestyle changes are all about a balanced mind, body, and soul. Balance inward is what will help you bring out your inner LA babe glow.

All this being said, it's still fun to shop, and sometimes physical items can help bring you into the mindset that you want to be in when you're not quite there. They can serve as a reminder for what your goals are and what you're doing to achieve them.

Plus, shopping is just fun.

I put together a little LA Babe toolkit that will help you bring out that inner LA babe glow. Because why not get a little boost from the outside as the glow is growing on the inside?


RMS Beauty Oil - When people think about beauty in LA I think they tend to go one of two routes - beachy, natural glow or Hollywood/Southern California fake. Don't get me wrong, both definitely exist in LA. However, coming from Texas (where everyone "puts their face on" and does their hair even to go to the gym) and living on the westside, I was much more drawn to the "no makeup makeup " look. One of the keys to pulling off a natural glowy look is oils. Before you freak out and say that you're terrified it's going to make you break out, all natural oils will NOT clog your pores. Your skin is going to LOVE a healthy natural. Think of it the same way as you think of an avocado - healthy fats won't make you fat!

I recommend RMS because their products are high quality and natural and easy to find in places like Sephora, but for a budget-friendlier option, I recommend Baobab Oil. This is the exact one that I use and love for not just my face, but for my hair.

DryBar Hair Dryer & Dry Conditioner -  One of the best things you can do for healthy and shiny hair is to not put a ton of heat on it. When you do use heat, you want to make sure that it is coming from a quality source that isn't going to damage your hair even more. Before I got my DryBar hair dryer, I was using just a random one from CVS or Target, I don't remember. It was making my hair super frizzy. When I got my Dry Bar hair dryer I finally understood why it's worth the price. It felt more gentle on my hair wasn't looking frizzy after the blow dry. To extend the life of your dry, so that you're not getting tempted to wash it and dry it every day, use a dry shampoo or dry conditioner. I love the smell of the ones by DryBar.

Ouai Beach Waves - Letting my hair air dry is hit or miss on whether or not I have to throw it up in a ponytail if I go out in public. A beach spray can definitely help with this. I've been using Ouai's volume shampoo and conditioner and the quality is amazing so I really want to try out this beach spray.

RMS Luminizer - If you're going for the no makeup makeup look and want to bring out that glow, this luminizer can do it. It's very subtle yet buildable. It's not going to make you look like you have the crown snapchat filter on but it is going to bring out your inner glow.

Fresh Sugar Lip Polish - Once you start exfoliating your lips, you'll never go back. Someone once told me that your lips are the only part of your skin that doesn't self-exfoliate. I don't know if that's true or not, but after exfoliating my lips for the first time, I realized how necessary it was. Before, I thought I just couldn't wear lipstick because it brought out the flakiness in my lips. The truth was I just needed to get those flakes off. Gross, I know. Sorry. If that's not convincing enough, exfoliating your lips is a natural lip plumper and we all know how trendy that is right now. So before you book your appointment for fillers, give lip exfoliation a try!


Wildfox Sleepmask - Sleep is EVERYTHING, especially if you're not getting enough of it. Getting into a proper sleeping cycle isn't easy, especially because there's not "right" time to go to bed and wake up. We all have different bodies that require different hours of sleep. If you've been feeling stuck on trying to figure out what sleep schedule makes you feel really alive and energized during the day and it doesn't feel forceful to fall asleep at night, I recommend looking into Ayurveda. In Ayurveda, depending on your dosha (think of this as a category in a personality test) there are different recommended times to wake up and fall asleep. Find your dosha here. For info on your dosha and how it affects sleep specifically check out this link.

Sugar Paper Journal - Journaling is one of the best ways to get something off your mind. If you find yourself not being able to fall asleep easily at night, try keeping a journal on your nightstand and instead of letting your mind race, write down all those thoughts on paper. Journaling in the morning can be really beneficial too, especially if you're anxious in the morning. Write down everything that needs to get done and what your goals and priorities are.

House of Intuition Bath - Taking a bath has become one of my favorite self-care practices. It's a great place to be where you can't be on your computer and she can simply wind down. If you want to bring a little LA to your hometown, you should check out the bath bombs and soaks from the House of Intuition.

Palo Santo -  I mentioned Palo Santo recently in my post on how to refresh your space for spring.  Palo Santo helps clear the stagnant energy and bring in positive vibes into your space. I love doing this before journaling or even before a busy work day.


Beauty Dust - Y'all know how obsessed I am with Moon Juice dusts. Beauty dust is definitely one of my faves. If you want that glowing from them inside look, I definitely recommend adding this to your almond milk, tea, or coffee. The ingredients in the Beauty dust help bring out the glow in your skin and benefit your hair and eyes.

Water Bottle - Drinking a lot of water is key to a balanced life. Most of us are running around like crazy and stressed and dehydrated. Dehydration can lead to stress, so this is one of the easiest and cheapest habits you can take on that will help minimize your stress and make you feel great. Sometimes it can be hard to remember to drink all those glasses of water, especially because it's a pain to refill a glass every five seconds. This is where a water bottle comes in. If you get a large enough bottle that fits 2-3 servings of water I guarantee you're going to find that you reach your water goals much more often and think about it less.

Kopari Coconut Melt - So you know how in science class we learned that whatever we put on our skin can get absorbed into the blood stream? Yet we didn't put together that that would include whatever's in our lotions or makeup? Yeah, I didn't connect the dots either until a few weeks ago. Over the past year, I traded out my St. Ive's and EOS lotions for Kopari Coconut Melt. My body stays moisturized so much longer it doesn't feel like I have this greasy lotion just sitting on top of my skin. You may be wondering why I buy the Kopari melt when I could just go to Trader Joe's and buy some OTC coconut oil, but there are different qualities of coconut oil, just like anything else in life and I prefer the way that Kopari feels on my skin to the coconut oil that I cook with. Want 10% off? Use this link.

Wildfox Sweater - A new outfit is always going to help bring out that natural glow. If you're feeling that LA casual style, my go to is the oversized Wildfox sweaters and of course cutoff shorts.

Cucumber Detox Eye Patches - While you work on getting into your new healthy sleep habits, why not let your eyes get a head start with these cucumber detox eye patches.


This post is part of a series called "LA Babe State of Mind." It's all about the lifestyle changes that I adopted in LA that reduced my anxiety and made my life flow with ease. Check the other post in this series:


Want more ideas on things you can implement no matter where in the world you are? Here's a free little checklist with 27 things you can do for an LA Babe State of Mind. Click on the checklist below to get access to the PDF!

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