April Wellness Roundup

April wellness roundup on 45 Fairmount featuring ghee, spirit dust, moon juice, fitness, and more. I thought I was going to be doing wellness round ups more often but then, you know...life happened. But, I finally have another for you and I'm sharing what I've been loving this month so far!

So far for me, this month has been a lot about slowing down (probs cause Mercury is in retrograde along with like the majority of the other planets). I've been taking it easy and haven't been going to yoga and instead I've been going on daily walks.

I've also been really focused on hydration and paying attention to how much I'm drinking per day and how I feel when I do have my daily water intake (which means I'm usually A LOT more focused).

Ghee - I've heard a lot about the benefits of Ghee clarified butter and was excited to try it. I'm generally not a huge butter person (I know, I know that's super weird), but I'm Spanish and grew up with A LOT of olive oil and not so much a lot of butter.

Ghee is something that has been coming up a lot as I'm learning more and more about Ayurveda. I'm getting my first ayurvedic massage next week and I can't wait!! One of the major benefits is that it generally doesn't affect people with dairy intolerances because of the way the butter is clarified. It also helps your digestive system (HUGE for me) and it is anti-inflammatory.

Just as I'm writing this I'm drinking decaf Nespresso with ghee, spirit dust and almond milk. It's DELICIOUS.

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Getting back into fitness - This month I'm starting a new fitness program with MJ Fitness Boutique.  I love that since it's online I'm able to do the program on my own terms when is best for me instead of dragging myself to a class I don't feel like going to because I'm too tired. If you're interested in joining me (virtually) email me at monica@45fairmount.com.

Bone Broth - Even though it's warming up, bone broth is still one of my faves. If you're looking for extra collagen, this is a great place to start. It's also become more readily available than in the past. I'm in Kansas City and have even found it at Cosentino's, a local grocery store. You'll definitely find it at Whole Foods and at Thrive Market.

Raise Your Vibration - This month I've gone back to reading Raise Your Vibration every day. It's a super easy read - each day's lesson is only a page long and it gives you an actionable step to do that won't take more than 5 minutes with like a meditation or mantra or yoga pose. I love starting my morning this way.

Focusing on my water intake - I've been much more diligent this month about my water intake. In my planner every morning I've been drawing little droplets of water and filling them in as I complete a bottle of water. I've been drawing 6 droplets for my small 160z BKR bottle.

I've also started drinking a full glass of water the second I wake up. I've heard of the benefits of doing this for FOREVER and never did it until recently. I've realized though that it makes me alert and awake much faster than when I don't drink a glass of water first thing when waking up.

Halo Top Ice CreamSo I'm pretty late to this game, but as an ice cream lover, I found it hard to believe that this could be good and I wasn't going to risk it for the price. Well, I finally went for it and I have tried chocolate, oatmeal cookie, and cookie dough. Cookie dough and Oatmeal cookie are my faves. If you're new to Halo Top, the selling point is that its low carb, low sugar, high protein ice cream. 

What I'd like to try this month:

Since the month is not quite over, I do want to share with y'all some of the things I'm interested in trying out. If you've tried any of these let me know what you think!

Collagen Peptides - for skin, hair, bone, and joint health

HUM Vitamins - Either the PMS one or the energy one. 

What have y'all been loving recently when it comes to wellness?? I'd love to know, so comment below!