5 Ways to Boost Energy Naturally Without Coffee

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Raise your hand if you get to 2 pm and you're ready for your second or third cup of coffee. You sit at your desk struggling to decide whether or not you should give in or stay strong and fight through the afternoon to be productive.

I definitely struggle with this a few times a week and was determined to find natural ways to boost my energy without relying on the extra cup of coffee.

I loooooove coffee, but I've learned that I need to limit the intake because it's so acidic. If you're a major coffee drinker and have been suffering from acid reflux, it might be worth seeing if that's the culprit.

Without going too far into my coffee habits because that's not the point of this post - in order to bring down the acidity of the coffee I've stopped drinking it black or on an empty stomach. Adding almond milk and coconut oil has been working for me.

Ok so onto the good stuff!

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Use your breath for an energy boost and focus

Kundalini yoga is an awesome way to tap into your body rather than external sources to live an optimal life, Breath of Fire is one of the first things you'll learn in Kundalini and it's a powerful way to feel like you have more energy and focus no matter what time of the day. It has many other benefits too - but for today's post, I'll focus on the energy benefits.

The reason why it helps is because this breath brings more oxygen into the brain.

The way breath of fire works is that you breathe in and out of your nose quickly (with evenly lengthed inhales and exhales though) through your nose. You can do this for 1, 3 or 7 minutes, but usually, I do this when I'm low on time so I'll do it for 3 minutes to really feel it.

You'll also want to shut your eyes during this and sit on the ground or in a chair with your feet on the ground.

Check out this video here on how to do it - straight from the source where I learned it. Guru Jagat at Ra Ma in Venice, CA was the first place that I really learned about the benefits of Kundalini.

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Adaptogenic Herbs

Y'all know how I'm always obsessing over those Moon Juice Dusts? Well, the "magic" in them are adaptogenic herbs. One of the most popular adaptogens is ashwagandha. It's commonly used if you have stress or anxiety because it keeps you calm and away from that "fight or flight mode" The "fight or flight mode" can be very depleting of energy so if you can keep that from happening, you'll notice that no matter what happens during your morning, you won't be drained.

My favorite dust for an afternoon pick me up is brain dust with almond milk.

I haven't tried these yet, so I don't know if they work or not but the HUM energy boost vitamins include adaptogenic herbs including ashwagandha. Let me know if any of y'all have tried them yet!

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Non-Coffee/Espresso Latte

If you really want to have a warm drink or latte in hand, but want to skip on the coffee to avoid the acidity of it, jitteriness or just don't want to feel so reliant on it, it's still possible!

Matcha Lattes are a great option. If you're a first-time matcha-er I recommend adding some honey. My favorite matcha powder is the Matcha Love powder from Thrive Market.

Another option is a Golden Milk Latte. You can make it at home or check if your local coffee shop has it. Before you think, there's no way I could find that in my city, I live in Kansas City and there's a coffee shop next door to my apartment that makes it and the coffee shop where I go to the chiropractor also makes it and a juice shop nearby my apartment has it. And those are the ones I know of without researching.  Bonus this is especially great for the winter because it boosts your immunity and reduces inflammation

How to boost your energy naturally any time of the day

Ayurveda Schedule

In my last post, on the LA Babe toolkit, I mentioned Ayurveda and how depending on what dosha (think of this as a personality category) you are, you have different times of the day when you are most awake or asleep.

If you find that there are certain times of the day that you feel a slump in your energy, I recommend finding out your dosha and checking out the timetable that applies to your dosha.

For example, if you tend to be tired our lose focus around 2 pm, and your dosha aligns with this, you may want to schedule activities that don't require full focus at this time.

You can then plan the things that require more focus around your peak productivity times for your dosha. This article breaks down what an ideal ayurvedic daily routine looks like for optimal energy.

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Eat and Drink

Even if you ate lunch just 2 hours ago, your body could be tired still missing some nutrients that your body is missing. You also might be so busy with work that you've skipped lunch and don't even think you're hungry because there's so much that needs to be done.

However, in order for us to function at our best capacity, we need fuel. There's only so much we can do without fuel.

Some snacks that boost energy include:

Apples and almond butter Toast with almond butter and bananas Almonds Hard boiled eggs

My go to's are:

+ An entire cucumber sliced with apple cider vinegar, pink salt, and cayenne pepper.

+ 2 hard boiled eggs crushed and mixed in with mustard

If you don't have any good snacks handy, start with water. Even if you're not thirsty, water might be just what was missing. Once we're thirsty, it means we're already dehydrated.

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