Weekly Wellness Roundup: Travel

The Weekly Wellness Roundup on 45 Fairmount. Wellness tips for travel: What to do when you're feeling sick and are traveling and how to stay health while traveling.

Living well: the Living Libations balm ensures all night breathing with a cold With a side of bliss: Sometimes I put my brain dust in my coffee because I just can't quit the coffee craving that day

The theme of today's wellness round up is all about wellness tips for travel. I wanted to share with y'all a few of my favorite wellness habits in preparation for a long trip and staying healthy on the way back!

As you may have seen from my Snapchat, I spent last week in Barcelona. It was a MUCH needed vacation and really helped me clear my mind in a way that I haven't been able to do in just a weekend.

Sam and I started the trip towards the end of suffering from a cold, so I was feeling pretty frustrated because I didn't want to feel sick on a long flight or while on vacation.

Moon Juice Brain Dust

Y'all know I've been obsessing with the Moon Juice Dusts recently. I bought a sample pack and tried a bunch, but by far Brain Dust was my favorite. When it came time to choosing one to purchase in full size, I had an impossible time trying to decide but did finally go for the brain dust because it did a good job of both giving me energy and clarity along with helping my anxiety.

I made sure to bring this on the trip because I figured it would help with jetlag. It definitely  gave me some mental clarity on the first day and my brain wasn't as foggy as it normally is when it feels like it's 2 in the morning.

I generally like to put my dusts in almond milk or my matcha latte, but when I was traveling I just added it to hot water or if I was on the go, add it to a water bottle. Also, if you don't want to be lugging a jar around, you can get the dusts in packet form.

Living Libations Breathing Balm

I got this about 4 days before heading off on the trip at Sage Center for Yoga. If you're in KC you need to stop buy because they have the most amazing apothecary. I seriously want everything that's in there. They also carry quite a few Moon Juice products!

This balm is amazing if you congestion because it clears you right up. Think of it as a non-toxic Vicks vapo-rub.

All that's in it is rosemary, eucalyptus, inula, chamomile, oregano and thyme. Yes, please!

Put it under your nose before bed and I promise you'll get better sleep with a cold. I heard that rubbing this on your feet also makes a big difference!

Sakara Life Probiotics

Y'all know I swear by probiotics to feel my best every single day, and they're especially beneficial when you're feeling under the weather or when you're traveling.

Probiotics are especially helpful when you're not feeling well because it's been found that 70% of the immune system is found in the gut. That means a healthy gut = strong immune system. Over the past few years, I've learned that so much of our health and happiness comes from a healthy gut, and I do notice a difference when I don't take my daily probiotics.

You may have noticed that there is a direct correlation between travel and an upset stomach or digestive issues. Stress (yes, even the stress from waiting in the TSA line), time changes, new foods can all take a toll and probiotics can keep your gut stronger so that it can handle the changes. These are especially game changers when you're traveling to a significantly different time zone.

I like the Sakara Life probiotics because they don't need to be refrigerated which is a must for the girl on the go. The other cool thing about them is that they work as a prebiotic and enzyme depending on whether you take it with food or not. I mean, who doesn't love a multi-tasker?!

Pressed Juicery Immunity

I purchased this on the very last day of the trip in NYC where I had an overnight layover. I spent the morning wandering around the hotel which was across from Bryant Park and was so excited to stumble upon a Pressed Juicery, one of my absolute fave juice shops in LA.

They have a few different vitamin supplements to choose from. In the past, I've used the Weight Management one which helps you curb your sugar cravings and looooved it. This time around though I knew immunity is what I needed and I left it behind for Sam to use since he was staying in NYC longer for work.

I can't find the immunity drops (or any of their vitamin supplements) online, but if you're in LA or NYC you can definitelyfind them in the shops. Wellness tips for travel: Copper water bottles are the perfect accessory for an ayurvedic lifestyle. Perfect for bringing healthy minearals into your body while you're on the go. Featured on 45 Fairmount by Monica Woodhams


Okkk I know this one sounds obvious, but I swear it made a difference for me. You know how it's hard enough to get your daily water intake in on just a normal day. It's even harder when you're on vacay. Because who wouldn't want a glass of champagne rather than a boring cup of water? I knew that If I wanted to start feeling better ASAP I needed to drink lots of water. I made sure to order a glass of water first, even though I was super tempted to get a cocktail during the day. Then, after finishing it, I'd order the drink if I still wanted it.

Had I not been traveling half way across the world, I would have loved to bring my copper water bottle, but of course I had absolutely no extra space and a water bottle was a logical thing to not include. One regret I had was not buying a water every morning and bringing it with me wherever we were going, instead of waiting a few hours before I was thirsty to get water because the second we're thirsty it means we're already dehydrated.

I wish I had also though ahead and brought a to-go charcoal water filter. Sometimes the water tasted funky and I think this would have been awesome to bring along!

Also, travel pro-tip - always drink water before, on and after being on a plane because it is sooo dehydrating. BUT don't drink the plane water because the filters aren't always cleaned properly. Gross gross gross. Instead, I buy a giant waterbottle at the gate and bring it onboard.

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