Spring Fashion Wishlist

Spring fashion list featured on lifestyle blog 45 Fairmount by Monica Woodhams It's mid-March and it feels like a month ago felt more like Spring than today does. As I'm writing this it's 33 degrees out, so that's probably why my spring fashion wishlist has so many jackets in it. Spring to me is all about layering pieces, so everything on this list actually can be mixed and matched together.

It's all about having a simple, chic and fashionable wardrobe right?

Living well: This season I'm going to be focused on buying pieces that can be worn many different ways, that way I don't feel like I'm crowding my closet even more

Side of bliss: I'm thinking my big spring splurge this year is going to be a new handbag. I'm eyeing this one

Light Suede Jacket

Ever since I worked in the Neiman's buying office and discovering Blank NYC's quality, I've been obsessed. For a budget friendly price and great quality, it's hard to beat. For early Spring, aka right now when there's still snow on the ground but it's mid-March, I love light colored leather jackets. I love the light gray suede because it goes with just about anything, but adds a softness that's perfect for spring.

how to style it: pair the jacket with dark jeans and a casual tee or over a spring floral dress

Bomber Jacket

I've been trying to get my hands on the perfect bomber jacket for almost a year now. I finally found a super cute pastel one from Paper Crown at Anthropologie the other day, but I still want solid green one for more casual days.

how to style it: wear the jacket over athleisurewear, jeans and a white tee, or even with a jersey/cotton dress for every day

Duster Jacket

I looove the chic look of a duster jacket, but tend to not go for it because I'm 5'1" and I'm worried it might drown me. It's really just a matter of trying it on though and getting altered if need be. I love how this is a jacket that can really dress up an outfit so it can quickly turn a jeans look into a date night or casual office look.

how to style it: where over a silky blouse and dark jeans for a polished look

Running Shoes

The athleisure trend has brought us many great things like making it acceptable to wear yoga pants outside of the gym. It also made it acceptable to wear tennis shoes with just about anything. I've been living in my black and white Adidas but am thinking of changing it up a big for Spring with a brighter color!

how to style it: simple - wear them with your fave new yoga outfit


Last year, I looooved chunky heeled Sandals because of their comfort and I'm excited that they're here to stay again this year. I like a neutral color that I can wear with just about anything. Also - these heels are perfect if you're going to an outdoor wedding because you won't sink in the grass in your stilettos!

how to style it: where them with any of the outfits I described above (except the workout outfit - duh)


I've been LIVING in my white Tory Burch loafers that I got a few years ago. I didn't wear them a lot when I got them because a. they're white and I feared of getting them dirty and b. because I used to wear heels at any chance possible. Now that I'm all about foot comfort, I've come to appreciate these so much more and want a darker colored pair.

how to style it: where them with jeans and a casual top. I also love the idea of wearing them with dark jeans and the white duster.


Two years ago, mules were one of those "uhh really?" trends, but I loved how comfortable they were in heel form and wore these blue ones all of the time. Like I mentioned before, flats have been my jam recently so I think it's time to invest in a pair. I'm pretty obsessed with these metallic ones.

how to style it: wear with jeans and a basic tee, dress it up a bit with a jacket


There are two accessories that are high on my spring fashion priority list. 1 is delicate necklaces, especially chokers. Even though I sometimes where my basic black choker necklace, I think that the delicate gold ones make it look a little more grown up. I also love treating myself to a new pair of sunglasses each Spring and these Ray-Ban's have been on my wishlist for a while now so I might as well go for it.

how to style it: I'd style the gold choker with a v-neck tee or blouse and jeans. I also love the look with a simple black dress. 

Basic Tee

For some reason, I tend to stock up on my basics in the spring rather than in the fall. I look for high-quality basics that aren't going to break the bank. These tops get me through basically the entire year so both long-sleeve and short sleeve are on the list!

how to style it: Style the basics as layering pieces. It's especially helpful in transition weather when you're going to be layering a lot.

Lacey Top

When you think of spring fashion, of course you think of delicates like lace. I still love the off the shoulder look and in this lacey white it's just so feminine and pretty.

how to style it: Style this top with some light distressed jeans and pair them with some chunky heeled sandals.

Light Denim

I've been looking all over for some really light denim and it may just be too early in stores to find it because everything still seems to be dark. But luckily online you can find everything and I found a few pairs that I like. Since I don't typically wear light colored jeans year round, I'll probably buy some Blank NYC one's because they're budget friendly but still fit great.

how to style it: these are going to be my go-to jeans this spring and summer so they go with just about everything. Contrast the light denim with a dark green bomber jacket.