10 Places to eat in Barcelona

10 places to eat in Barcelona featured on 45 Fairmount by Monica Woodhams When people ask me how my trip to Spain what and what my favorite thing to do was, the answer is hands down going out to eat. Sam and I share a love for good food and when we travel our highlights of the trip always involve food.

If you plan on heading to Barcelona soon, I put together a list of restaurants that you should check out. The things that are important to me when picking out a place to eat are - great quality food, aesthetically pleasing (great decor), clean bathrooms, and convenience.

Also, if you want to check out things to do in Barcelona, check out my post here.

I also wanted to share with y'all some of my favorite things to order when I go to Spain. These are traditional Spanish foods that you absolutely must experience.

Best local food to try in Barcelona featured on lifestyle blog 45 Fairmount by Monica Woodhams

Flax & Kale & Teresa's Juicery

Flax & Kale in Barcelona is a great restaurant to go to because it has a huge menu with healthy food. If you have any dietary restrictions, this is where you want to go. Featured in places to eat in Barcelona on 45 Fairmount.

Flax & Kale is a SUPER cute restaurant that's an expansion of a Teresa's Juicery, which I discovered last year. This place is perfect if you have any dietary restrictions or just want some healthy food without being stuck with a tiny menu. We just got drinks here but the menu really reminded me of True Food Kitchen here in the US. There's also a BEAUTIFUL Flax & Kale located inside the Spain H&M flagship store. The design inside this store is incredible and worth a quick walk around inside even if you don't plan on shopping.


We headed to Maestro on our first day in Barcelona. We got in around 4 and although we were pretty tired we were eager to get outside...mainly because we needed food and cocktails. We wanted something super easy so we headed to "el

We wanted something super easy so we headed to the Eixample neighborhood which is where Passeig de Gracia is. Passeig de Gracia is a beautiful parkway lined (one of the must go to places I list in my things to do in Barcelona guide) with designer stores and plenty of room to walk round and there are endless food options nearby.

We spent this time walking around, with no planned place to get tapas and drinks, but finally decided on Maestro to cheers to the beginning of the trip with some cava and taps. I seriously had the best shrimp tempura I've ever had here, which sounds pretty random but it was seriously SO good. Note: they also have an English menu for easy ordering

Restaurants at Palau de Mar

We ordered paella in Barcelona at the port. Great spot for outdoor seating. We ordered seafood in Barcelona at Palau del Mar by Cal Pinxto Pan con tomate is a must try food in Barcelona featured on 45 Fairmount by Monica Woodhams

One of our mornings we headed down to la Barceloneta to see the beach. Afterward, we headed towards the port. We were ready for lunch (and a bathroom break) by then so we decided to stop at one of the nicer restaurants in Palau de Mar. There are a few to choose from and they all have plenty of outdoor seating. We ate at Palau de Mar by Cal Pintxo and had a great time getting super stuffed with delicious food. We ordered pan con tomate, sea snails, and paella.

El Nacional

El Nacional in Barcelona is the perfect spot for drinks

El Nacional was one of the places we were most excited about. When I had gone to it last year, I knew Sam absolutely had to experience it. El Nacional is this really cool concept where it's an old parking garage I think, that they turned into a giant upscale area for bars with different themes. It's seriously incredible. It was really dark inside so I couldn't get great pics, but I did get one of the powder room outside of the bathrooms. I mean, even that was super chic.

La Tramoia

La Tramoia is a cool spot where we stopped for a drink one night. It's in the Eixample neighborhood as are most of our stops. The decor here was awesome, and I def recommend you click through to check out the interiors! It'd make some great photos in the day time!! Sam got seriously a giant gin & tonic that he really loved here.

Mas Q Menos

Stopping for jamon iberico, corquettas, sangria and beer in Barcelona. Featured on places to eat in Barcelona Favorite Spanish foods include pan con tomate, jamon iberico, croquettas and Sangria featured in places to eat in Barcelona on 45 Fairmount

Mas Q Menos is a chain that you'll see all around the Eixample neighborhood. It's a really easy stop if you find yourself hungry and just need a quick bite to eat. We got a snack here of croquettas, jamon iberico and drinks. It really did the job. Also, becuase this is a heavy foot traffic area, they have an English menu.

El Japones

8 places to eat in Barcelona include a Japanese restaurant called El Japones in l'Eixample neighborhood My 8 places to eat in Barcelona include appetizers at El Japones

One of our dinner spots earlier on in the trip was Bar Tomate. We loved it so much that we decided to Google it to see if it was new. Turns out it's one of many restaurants owned by a restaurant group. We had such a great experience that we decided to try another one of their restaurants. We were seriously craving some Asian food so El Japones really stood out to us and it seriously did NOT disappoint. It's probably some of the best sushi I've ever had.

Bar Tomate

Delicious appetizers at Bar Tomate in the l'Eixample neighborhood. Featured in 8 places to eat in Barcelona on 45 Fairmount.com

We accidentally stumbled upon Bar Tomate and I'm SO glad we did because out of it, we got 2 amazing restaurant experiences (the second being at El Japones mentioned above).

We ordered veggies and ceviche to start and the two appetizers balanced each other out perfectly. Being in the pasta mood, we both went for pasta. Sam got a lemon fettuccini dish and I got a penne with ragu.

The restaurant is filled with fresh fruit and veggies on the countertops and they actually use these ingredients for the dishes. You can seriously taste the freshness in every dish that we ordered.

La Foga

La Foga in Barcelona is a great stop for tapas after exploring parc de la ciutadella. Featured on 8 places to eat in Barcelona on 45 FairmountOutdoor seating at La Foga in Barcelona faces Paseig de Sant Joan mentioned in 8 places to eat in BarcelonaMenus at La Foga in Barcelona are also english making it easy for travelers to order hear. Included in 8 places to eat in BarcelonaOne of the foods to order in Spain is manchego cheese. We ordered manchego cheese at La Foga in Barcelona. One of the foods to order in Spain is patatas bravas. We ordered patatas bravas at La Foga in Barcelona.

La Foga was one of our last stops in Barcelona. Here we ordered some tapas for an afternoon snack. I loved the decor of the restaurant and how it contrasted white subway tiles with brick walls.

At La Foga we ordered some Barcelona must haves like patatas bravas, queso manchego, and chorizo.


Living well: We did so much walking around in Spain that it really helps you snap out of jet lag fast!

Side of bliss: I ordered Domino's pizza our last night because everything was closed by the time we were ready for dinner. I was totally cool with it and it was delish.