Newsletters worth subscribing to

Newsletters worth subscribing to about style, wellness, food, and current events featured on lifestyle blog 45 Fairmount by Monica Woodhams These days our inboxes are precious space between sifting through junk email and important emails, it's hard to think that there's an in between when it comes to my inbox.

[pullquote width="700" float="center"]It's so valuable that when I told Sam I was writing this post, he said, "so it's just going to be blank, right?"[/pullquote]

While I think he seriously has a point, I do want to share with y'all the newsletters that I've subscribed to for at least 5-6 months that I receive valuable information from. Some of these I've been receiving for almost 2 or 3 years!

I spent some time a month or two ago finally "detoxing" my inbox for ALL my email accounts and it felt SO good. I used If you haven't used yet, GET EXCITED. It makes it so easy to unsubscribe and organize all those emails that come in - especially those promo emails.

All you do is you link your email address to your account. It pulls all the email address that you're subscribed to and you simply scroll down and click unsubscribe to the ones you don't need anymore.

For the ones that you want to keep, you just click once to add it to your rollup

The ones you keep then all get grouped together so you only get 1 email that contains all the ones that came in that day or that month or week. You can customize the settings to be when you know you have the time to go through them. You can even choose the time of day that it sends you your rollup.

SOOOO easy.

Another email tip when it comes to newsletters is to choose an email address that you consistently use when you sign up for things. So have a "junk" email address for those times when you're like playing a game and they ask you for your email and you know you're never going to need something from them again. And then a more "general" account, for me this is just my personal account that my friends and family email and I sign up for the newsletters I actually care about.

Oh, and one more thing. Don't ever feel guilty about unsubscribing. It's ok and you don't have to feel like it's mean or rude. Maybe you signed up for a newsletter 8 months ago and you were getting something out of it, but now you find yourself never opening it. Just take a moment and appreciate what it did for you and know it's ok to unsubscribe. People with email lists know that unsubscribe

People with email lists know that unsubscribe button is a reality and honestly, most would rather you unsubscribe if you're not interested in the content because 1. they might pay for their email service provider by the subscriber and don't want to pay for someone who's not receiving their emails or 2. they want to keep their open rates high, which they can do if people who dont open their emails unsubscribe.

It's kind of a win-win right?

Ok so now that you finally feel like you can have a grasp on your inbox, here are the newsletters that I enjoy receiving.

If you're looking for fashion...

Bloglovin - Bloglovin is an awesome tool if you follow a lot of blogs. You can follow them from your Bloglovin' page and each time there's a new blog post from a blogger you follow, it will show up in your "pinterest-like" feed. This extends to email too. So if you know that you're never going to remember to go to it on your browser, the posts will go straight into your inbox and it will also pick out a few from bloggers you don't follow but that you may be interested in.

Like To Know It - If you want a one-stop shop of where to get the clothing items that your favorite bloggers wear, when you like their picture on Instgram and they have a Like To Know It link, it will send you an email recap with the different posts you liked and where to buy each item.

If you're looking for biz and blogging tips...

ChloeDigital - ChloeDigital is a great resource for bloggers. I love how they share a weekly email with a simple tip that is actionable that same day that you're reading it. They also share highlights of some great new blog posts by other bloggers.

If you're looking for news...

The Skimm - The Skimm arrives into your inbox every weekday morning and gives you highlights of the news in blurbs that are easy to understand. They can take a complex news story and make it so that anyone can understand what's going on.

The Newsette - The Newsette has a similar format to The Skimm. The key difference being the type of news they share. If you love reading my blog and others like it, chances are this one is really going to speak to you. It gives you the latest news along with style updates and interviews. 

If you're looking for shopping & sales...

ShopStyle - ShopStyle is a must have if you're a sale shopper. You can select items that you love and it'll send you a sale notification whenever it's on sale, so you'll never miss it!

If you're looking for food...

Chalkboard Mag - Chalkboard Mag is filled with healthy recipes and goregeous photos. It also includes lifestyle posts that go beyond just the recipes.

If you're looking for wellness...

goop - I know everyone haseither a love or hate or love/hate relationship with goop, but I really do enjoy getting the newsletter. First, they're not afraid to try some crazy wellness trends. I also like that high end aspect of it because although I'm not going to buy a $200 protein powder (totally making this up but I'm sure they've mentioned something similar in the past), but it's fun to see.

If you're looking for fitness...

Tone It Up - Tone It Up is one of the newsletters that I've been receiving for about 3 years. I like that they include weekly workouts that are easy to do at home in just a few minutes along with recipes that are easy and filling.

What are your fave newsletters that are worth the precious space in your inbox?!