9 Favorite Mules for Spring + What I'm looking forward to most for Spring

Shop the best mules for spring 2017 on 45 Fairmount by Monica Woodhams One of my favorite spring trends is the mule trend. When I first posted about them here, I had just recently gotten on board with the whole mule thing. Before that, I was SO SO skeptical and didn't think it would stick around. I was so wrong. It turns out the blue suede mules can't stay off my feet. I also wore them in this post a while back.

in case you've been eying the mule shoe trend and have been trying to find some cute ones, I wanted to share with y'all my faves at a few different price points.

Louis et Cie metallic Mules - $74 I mentioned these on my Spring wishlist post and now they're on sale!

Kate Spade gala mules - $139

Jeffrey Campbell - $130

Jeffrey Campbell Tassel mules - $120

Pour la Victoire - $248

Calvin Klein - $108

Prada bow mules - $650

Gucci floral mules - $750

Schutz patterned mules - $150

So since this is a spring inspired post, I also wanted to share with y'all what I'm most excited about for Spring.

10 Mules for Spring featured on lifestyle blog 45 Fairmount by Monica Woodhams (Outfit details here)

How many times do you get excited about it being a new season, but life is so busy that you acknowledge it for five seconds and then the next thing you know the season has flown by and it's already the next.

I feel like that happens to me ALL the time. I'm really working on staying present, so I thought that a good exercise would be to really acknowledge that it's spring and what I'm excited about it in the short term.

Learning & Community

So I actually love spending my free time learning new things. Whether it's personal development, wellness, or marketing, I just enjoy learning about new ideas and different perspectives. While I love learning - I feel like this is so different from school because I'm reading up on things that already interest me. It makes it more fun than a chore.

I especially love opportunities to learn that go beyond reading and include a sense of community. Since I work from home,  I know how important it is to still feel a part of a community. That's why for this spring I joined two communities that include aspects of personal and business development. One is I Heart My Life Monthly by Emily Williams and the other is PursuitHQ by Melyssa Griffith.

Another thing that I'm really excited about for Spring is the newness that is coming to the blog! I'm soon going to launching a new series, the name is still in the works BUT essentially there are going to be lots of posts inspired by my time living in Los Angeles.

Monochromatic Outfit Olive (Outfit details here)

Trip to Dallas

It's super unlike me to not have a bunch of trips already planned for the season, but a lot is tentative. I'm for sure going to be in Dal.as this summer for a wedding, but there may be another thrown in this Spring (Dallas friends - that's why I haven't reached out yet!) I love Dallas in the Spring because it isn't a bajillion degrees out yet and so much of the city is meant to be enjoyed outdoors. And by that I mean, basically every restaurant has an amazing patio.

There are so many new Dallas restaurants that I feel totally behind on what's cool there, so I'm excited to do some exploring!

Self-Care Routines

Transitioning seasons are always a good chance to focus on your self-care routines. A big one for me is a hot bubble bath which is perfect in the winter time but less ideal when it starts to get hot. I'm also going to be moving soon and I won't have a bathtub anymore.

The important thing to keep in mind here is that I need to remember that I can't just take out a crucial part of my self-care routine and not replace it. So instead, I've been playing around with different masks. I've been LOVING the GlamGlow masks, which I've been sharing on my Instagram recently.

Another self-care routine that I'm looking forward to is getting back into kundalini yoga. What I like about kundalini yoga is that there's a moving aspect to it while you do the meditations. There's so much to learn about kundalini yoga and I'm feeling motivated to do this by reading my first kundalini yoga teacher's new book.