4 Ways to refresh your home for Spring

4 ways to refresh your home for Spring Spring in KC started out with 80-degree temperatures followed by the 50s the rest of the week. Sounds about right. The feeling of Spring made me really want to refresh my apartment to reflect the new season.

This had been in the back of my mind for a few days now, but I wasn't really doing anything to make it happen. When I was at Trader Joe's yesterday, though, I decided to just buy some flowers which are something that I haven't done in a long time.

It wasn't until I got home and put the greenery in a vase on my bar that I realized how much of an impact it made on the vibe in my apartment!

With just under $6, my apartment felt totally refreshed.

The excitement of this made me want to share with y'all SUPER easy ways that you can refresh your home for Spring without spending your most recent paycheck at West Elm.

How to freshen up your home for Spring featured on lifestyle blog 45 Fairmount by Monica Woodhams

Flowers & Greenery

Although I originally had wanted to buy flowers to add some color, I couldn't resist the eucalyptus at Trader Joe's because it smelled so refreshing. I also wasn't really sold on any of the flowers and the eucalyptus looked like it would last longer.

Not only do I now walk into my living room and have a refreshing and energizing scent, but it can also help with colds and allergies. WIN WIN!

If you're not someone who's going to be going to the store every week to get flowers, I recommend getting something like eucalyptus or a few succulents. Eucalyptus can last up to 20 days if you take care of it properly. Right now I have a floor planter on my wish list that I really think would freshen up

Right now I have a floor planter on my wish list that I really think would freshen up the living room.

Finally get that diffuser for essential oils

Everyone is obsessed with essential oils recently and whether you believe that they really will cure whatever ailment it is you're feeling that day or you just want your place to smell great, a diffuser is perfect for refreshing your home for Spring.

If you suffer from allergies, some great essential oils to work with include peppermint, lavender, eucalyptus, roman chamomile, frankincense, and lemon.

Diffuser prices are all across the board and so are the reviews. Seriously, I think I spent hours going through reviews trying to pick one out. I use this one, which is ok. I found this one on Instagram and I LOVE the design, but it's a little pricey...if you know whether or not it's worth it let me know!

Also.. speaking of spaces smelling good and fresh, why not translate this over to your car too? I've been thinking of throwing one of these Diptyque Ovals in the car.

Palo Santo or Sage

So if you're into the woo-woo stuff or even just kind of intrigued by it, I think you'll love it. Every morning I like to use palo santo to clear and freshen up my space. A lot of people like to use sage as well but I much prefer the smell of palo santo over sage.

Here is the difference between sage and palo santo in my interpretation of it:

Sage - Sage helps cleanse and purify a space. It's also known to increase your spiritual awareness and ward off evil spirits.

Palo Santo - Palo Santo also helps cleanse and purify a space while getting rid of negative energy (that's why I like to use it in my workspace because hello 2017 internet craziness). It also helps bring in positive energy like love and abundance.

What I do is I burn a piece of palo santo and wave it around my workspace or the rest of my apartment depending on the day.

Woo woo has become so mainstream now that you can find Palo Santo in just about every boutique and even Free People.


My absolute favorite part about seasons changing is the feeling of something new and starting fresh. Spring cleaning, of course, goes hand in hand with this and I am all about decluttering space, however, I think it's good to get in the habit of not just doing it once a year.

Whenever I feel stagnant, frustrated, or unsettled - that's when I know that it is time to do "spring cleaning." Whether it's the middle of December or June or April, I love living by this rule.

There's an incredible shift that happens when you get rid of "stuff." The physical really makes its way into the mental in this case and when you see that you've just thrown out 3 trash bags worth of things, you feel lighter and can focus better. Even if things you tossed out were hiding under the bed or in your closet and you never saw them on a daily basis.

About a year ago I read the Life-Changing Magic of Tidying up. I can't say that I live by this book at all, but my takeaway from it is not letting myself attach to items and feel guilty that I threw them away.

The next time you feel upset, frustrated, off balance or uninspired set your timer for 30 minutes and just get rid of things. I'm not talking re-organizing here, I'm talking ACTUALLY getting rid of things and taking the trash bags OUT of your house. [line]