Valentine's Day Gifts for him

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Him It's time for part two of the Valentine's Day Gift guide and I'm talking about Valentine's Day gifts for him!

If you missed part one, it's right here!

Shopping for guys can be so hard because you never really know what guys want. It's not like girls who go shopping and then they talk for ten hours about the things they wish they had bought.

I think that the key to shopping for guys is to pick out gifts that you've either heard them mention in the past, something really useful or something related to cocktails.

Seriously, I think this has been a fool proof formula when I shop for gifts for Sam.

He also keeps my job pretty easy because he loves the color blue so I know I can't go wrong with that!

Away Suitcase - Let's be real, we can all probably benefit from a suitcase upgrade. I know I have my eyes on a white Away suitcase (they're scuff resistant, don't freak out), but this navy blue one is great for your dude!

Gifts Under $50

Valentine's Day Card - Valentine's Day Cards are underrated. There are so many Valentine's Day card are funny instead of cheesy and this is definitely the way to go for a card for a guy.

Carry-On Cocktail - Remember I said that you can't go wrong with cocktail related drinks? If your guy loves craft cocktails, this is a fun gift for when he travels.

Adidas T-Shirt - This is a great everyday shirt that is totally on trend because you know, Adidas is having a major moment, but it's something that he's going to be super comfortable wearing

Copper Shaker - Anything for the bar makes for a great gift for him. Seriously, this copper shaker stands out and makes a cool statement on the bar.

Gifts Under $100

Tie - Pick out a tie in his fave color. It coming from you will give him extra confidence because he knows he looks great in it. I love gingham for spring!

Gifts Under $200

Google Home - This falls under the category of fun and practical gifts that he might to buy for himself but thinks it's cool.

Watch - Watches are pretty traditional gifts for men, but you don't have to splurge on it. I promise you that if it is a cool design like this one, he's going to love wearing it.

Ray-Ban Sunglasses - Ray-Ban sunglasses make a great gift. They're pretty much universally loved. Wayfarers and aviators are also fair game.

Gym Bag - This is a practical gift that your guy might not even realize he needs, but the second he has it he's going to be glad he did.

Gifts Under $300

Tumi Briefcase - If you want to really splurge and get him something that is going to last forever, a Tumi briefcase is perfect.