Superfood yellow squash soup

Potato and Squash Soup with protein to stay warm and healthy this winter featured on 45 Fairmount by Monica Woodhams I am a total soup lover. I love it year round, even during the summer. It becomes so much more important in the winter when I'm freezing my butt off. Superfood yellow squash soup is a lifesaver for me.

It's so important during the winter to be eating as many hot meals and hot drinks as possible. Ayurveda (one of the world's oldest forms of holistic healing) really promotes this during the wintertime, especially if you are sensitive to the cold. That's why soups are perfect for keeping you healthy.

Sometimes the problem with soups though is that they're not always totally filling, but I found a super easy way to make your favorite soup a little more filling with Philosophie's Green Dream.

I discovered Green Dream a few months back as it started to cool down. I'm not a huge fan of cold smoothies when I'm cold, so I figured I'd probably be waiting a while to try it out. However, I was reading about it and realized I could use this in so much more than smoothies, including soups!

Lifestyle Blogger Monica Woodhams of 45 Fairmount shares the raw, vegan, protein she uses in soups during the winter

Green Dream is a plant-based protein powder that it's TOTALLY clean. As in yep, you can pronounce every ingredient in it. Unless you're trying to be a huge muscle builder, then it's probably key that you stay away from those protein powders that have all those ingredients that you can't pronounce.

Here's what it's made out of: organic spirulina, organic mesquite, organic hemp powder, organic chia seeds, organic vanilla.

So simple = so good for you

Now about that superfood yellow squash soup...

Ok so this is by far my favorite potato soup and it's my mom's recipe. I don't typically add in the superfood powder unless it's all I'm eating for lunch. If you're just eating the soup as a side, then you really don't need it unless you're craving some extra vitamins and protein.

My mom has made this soup my entire life and it is so yummy and so comforting and so easy to make. 

Ingredients: + two yellow squash (butternut squash would be delish too) + two small potatoes + 1/2 onion + 5 baby carrots + 2 Knorr tablets + milk of your choice (my mom uses whatever's in the house, usually skim, I prefer almond milk) + parmesan cheese

In water, boil the squash, potatoes, onion, carrots and Knorr tablets until they all soften.

In a blender (I loooooove my Vitamix), add about 1/2 cup to 1 cup of milk and a small handful of parmesan (feel free to add more though if you want it super cheesy). Add in the squash, potatoes, onion, and carrot mixture. Blend until it's well pureed. If you want it less thick, add more milk.

The simplicity of this recipe makes it so customizable, which is awesome.

After I've served it in a bowl, sometimes I add a splash of apple cider vinegar. You could also add some yummy heart-warming spices like turmeric or cumin.

So if you want to add in the superfood....

add in 1 tsp to 1 tablespoon (if you want a serving that's as much protein as an egg and iron as a steak, go with 1 tablespoon) and add it to the mixture before you start blending.

Your soup WILL turn green, so don't freak out. It's just really pigmented.

The superfood does have a bit of a bitter taste so I would start with a little bit of it until you decide how much you actually want. 1 tsp is about right for me.

One of the tings I love about the superfood is that it doesn't taste powdery, however, the key to this is to making sure that it's blended well in the blender. If I try to just use a spoon and stir it, it does get that weird powdery taste that you want to avoid.