Recent Finds I Love

Recent Finds I Love including podcasts, a nourishing Moon Juice Cookbook, chakra meditation, and gifts for dudes on 45 Fairmount by Monica Woodhams{Outfit Details}

I definitely go through phases on how much time I spend browsing the internet to learn more and find inspiration. Typically, I stick to 3-4 tried and true sites that I love, but other time's all randomly come across something brand new and awesome and it gets me excited about finding new sites and blogs.

Today I want to share with you a few new discoveries I found. These are recent finds I love that I think y'all will love too!

Podcast I'm Loving

I'm on a MAJOR MAJOR podcast kick and am really getting the bug to want to create my own. Recently, I'm loving The Bitch Bible, Adderall and Compliments,  That's So Retrograde, RAW Talk with Sheena, and The Lady Gang. Also if you're a Vanderpump Rules fan, Stassi frequents RAW Talk with Sheena and Adderall and Compliments. I've never seen the show, but I'm probably the only person in the world who doesn't.

Revitalize your day

I met Amber-Lee over the summer and when she sent over one of her Chakra meditations, it was a game changer. I knew very little of Chakras at the time and through her meditations. I've learned how these can really be revitalizing. I struggle finding guided meditations that I like because some voices are super annoying or intense. These are sooo calming and make sense. Read more.

A Bathroom Mat that won't get soggy

A real pet peeve recently has been the look of my shaggy white bath mat when it gets wet. One day it just REALLY started bugging me, but wasn't really sure what the alternative would be. I came across this bathroom pic the other day and realized that I need a teak bath mat. It looks so spa-ish and it sounds so much nicer that stepping on wet fabric. I love it in birch too.

A Nourishing Cookbook

I'm so excited that my new Moon Juice Cookbook finally arrived! I miss having the ability to go to Moon Juice whenever from the days I lived in LA, but the cookbook is the perfect addition to my KC home. I love how the cookbook is all about cultivating a healthy lifestyle and about ADDING in the good stuff rather than focusing on what all you need to take out of your diet.

Gifts for the boys

I recently started designing mugs for Sam and his friends and based on how much they're loving them, I'm thinking they'd make a GREAT Valentine's Day gift. The It's Lit Fam in navy and copper was a huge it. If you want one to gift or for yourself, email me at and let me know the phrase you want. It's such a fun gift at $15. [line]