Holiday Gift Guide for the Jetsetter

Lifestyle blogger, Monica of 45 Fairmount shares her holiday gift guide for the Jetsetter It's here! My first gift guide of the season and I'm excited to start off with a holiday gift guide for the jetsetter because I'm in the midst of planning my winter travel. A trip to the Florida Keys is already booked for my lovely friend Rose's wedding!

I chose the jetsetter picks based on things that I can't travel without so I know that any of these items are going to be super useful. These are perfect for those who love to travel for fun and also are constantly traveling for work.

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Gifts Guide for the Jetsetter

No • 1

LONGCHAMP LE PLIAGE CUIR TOTE - I am OBSESSED with this bag. I got it for my birthday last year and it is my absolute favorite bag to travel with. It's a duffel bag size so it's perfect for carry-on and if you're going on a weekend trip, it's really all you need. I call it a Mary Poppins bag because it fits even more than you think it would.

Also - it is leather BUT it's crazy super light and it's actually foldable like most other Longchamp bags which means it can fit in your suitcase and you can pull it out when you need it (after all that shopping you do on your trip).

No • 2

DRYBAR TRAVEL HAIR DRYER - My DryBar hair dryer is by far the best beauty investment I've ever made. It drys my hair super quick (I have pretty think and wavy hair) and it doesn't dry it out or frizzy. Just shiny and smooth.

Whenever my friends borrow it they can't believe the difference it makes. I also can't believe that the cheepo dryer from Target I was using after my Chi dryer broke was like seriously damaging my hair.

No • 3

SONIX IPHONE CHARGER - Even though it's becoming more common for there to be outlets on planes, I try to remember to bring my extra battery charger. This is especially helpful if you know you're going to be working from your phone on the go.

No • 4

FLIGHT 001 PASSPORT CASE Pro tip - you know those super cute Passport cases? Well, they're kind of a pain in the butt. A lot of customs make you take the passport out of the case and when you're in a hurry it's a little stressful to do without bending your passport (which you're absolutely not supposed to do because the electronic thingy in there).

This passport holder is a case which means that you just unzip it and you can just pop your password right out and it has room for other things like your Global Entry card.

No • 4

CLUSE WATCH - How minimalistic chic is this watch? I always tell myself to remember to pack a watch when I travel, do I remember ever, no. But for those of you who have a better memory for packing, I always think traveling with a watch is a good idea.

This is mainly based on the time that I was traveling home from Spain and lost my iPhone. Which meant I had to travel halfway across the world with NO idea what time it was and rely on checking monitors in the airport every five seconds to make sure I made my flights.

No • 5

KENNETH COLE WALKING JACKET - If you get cold on planes, this is going to be your bff. It's like wearing a blanket and it's light so you can stash it away if you dont need it without feeling like you're being totally weighed down.

No • 6

COCKTAIL KIT - I loooove bloody mary's. I'll drink them at brunch and I'll drink them as my cocktail in the evening because I prefer savory-ish drinks over sugary drinks. I love the idea of this cocktail kit and it's definitely going to be an item I'm gifting this year

No • 7

PINCH MINIMERGENCY KITS - It is insane how many MINIMERGENCY kits I accumulated working in the Cusp offices. But they're so perfect for being on the go because they literally fit every little thing you might need all of a sudden on a plane. And it takes up ZERO space. No excuses to not being prepared.