Holiday Gift Guide for the Boss Babe

The holiday gift guide for the boss babe featured on lifestyle blog 45 Fairmount by Monica WoodhamsIt's time for another holiday gift guide! Today's is all about a holiday gift guide for the boss babe aka for yourself or for your biz bff! The idea behind this gift guide was to pick out items that are perfect for the office or keep you motivated and in the groove to get all your work done.

Gift Guide for the boss babe
NO • 1

Kate Spade Business Card Holder - How cute is this business card holder. I haven't gotten any new on brand biz cards recently because I rarely use them, BUT if someone gifted me this card holder it would be motivation enough to get it done! I love this as a gift idea because it's something that every woman is going to love for her office, but probably wouldn't buy it for herself.

NO • 2

Portable Battery Charger - Everyone could use a portable battery charger, especially for the boss babe who is always on the go for meetings. This one is so chic with the marble design and it's under $10 right now!

NO • 3

Sugar Paper Pen - How gorge is this pen?! The black and gold will look perfect on any desk. Again, this makes such a great gift because it's beautiful but chances are your biz bff isn't going to buy it for herself.

NO • 4

BKR Bottle - BKR bottles literally come in very color under the sun, so a super chic gift would be to gift it in her brand's colors. She'll be obsessed! And she'll be hydrated, because we all know we're much more focused when we're more hydrated than we are caffeinated....

NO • 5

Sugar Paper Desk Calendar - Ever since Sugar Paper launched this desk calendar, I've been obsessed because it's so chic. How perfect would this look on a gorgeous and organized desk space?

NO • 6

Rebecca Minkoff Laptop Bag - When you're heading to and from meetings all the time, you want to make sure that your laptop (aka your life) isn't getting banged up. I love the soft color and cool girl design of this bag.

NO • 7

Rose Gold Hanging File Basket -  You can't go wrong with gifting rose gold office supplies. I love how this basket really makes a statement with it's design and looks more like a design piece than something practical for holding those papers you have no idea what to do with.

NO • 8

Smythson Panama Notebook - As far as notebooks go, this isn't the cheapest, but if you're gifting it to someone who is obsessed with notebooks, it'll go a long way, trust me. Plus, how stunning is this blue?!

NO • 9

Mantrabrand bracelets - I was introduced to these bracelets as a gift from my cousin. The Mantraband that my cousin gave me says inspire and I love it so much. These make great gifts, because you can really never have too many as they look amazing stacked!

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