Our trip to Seattle and a nature-filled vacay

Must see stops in Seattle include the Space NeedleA relaxing getaway in the Pacific Northwest at the Salish Lodge & SpaThe balcony view from the Salish Lodge and Spa during a Pacific Northwest vacation img_1732

Although we get all four seasons in KC, I do still miss getting to do outdoor activities like going to the beach or going on a hike. By no means do I consider myself outdoorsy, like I'm def not going to camp out in the wilderness for a week. I do love outdoor activities like half day hikes.

Sam and I were really missing this, so when it came time to plan our next vacay, we made it a non-negotiable to go some place where we could hike. We spent a good amount of time narrowing down options between the Pacific Northwest, Lake Tahoe, and the East Coast, but considering our obsession with oysters, it became clear we had to go to the Pacific Northwest.

One of the things I love about traveling with Sam is that he always surprises me with the actual accommodations for the trip. He's done this from the very first trip we went on to Colorado and now I love the feeling of arriving to the hotel or resort and without having any idea of where we were going.

Part 1: The Salish Lodge & Spa - Snoqualamie, WA

We stayed at the Salish Lodge & Spa which is a small resort about 35 minutes outside of Seattle. Even though it's a quick drive from Seattle, you definitely feel like you're in the mountains.

Visiting the Salish Lodge & Spa for a getaway in the mountains in the Pacific Northwest

The lodge had the coziest feel with a fireplace in the room, which was really exciting because it was our first fire of the year! And if you're looking for a place to stay when up in the mountains where you know you're going to get good food, you're good to go with both restaurants at the lodge.

The brunch was especially amazing and we're still talking about how tasty the bloody mary's were.

Salmon skillet at a delicious brunch at the Salish Lodge & Spa in Washington Delicious and fresh bloody mary's at the Salish Lodge & Spa brunch

Even though it rained on our hiking day, we were determined to get out there anyway. Thank God for waterproof boots. We drove out about 20 minutes-ish to hike to Snow Lake. We spent the entire afternoon on the hike and it was really amazing. I can't wait to go back on a clear day so that we can actually see the lake!

Hiking up to Snow Lake in the Pacific Northwest. Great hiking trail in Washington

P.S. You'll notice the pics from the resort may remind you of that show Twin Peaks. Yep, it's the same hotel they used to shoot the show.

Part 2: Seattle

We actually started the trip with two Seattle activities. We were starving when we got off the plane so obvi our first stop was to get oysters. Sam's friend recommended Taylor Shellfish Farms and it did NOT disappoint. Seriously, we tried to go twice during the trip but didn't make it the second time because of the "storm of the decade" (which ended up just being a lot of wind for 30 minutes).

Taylor Shellfish Oyster Bar has the best oysters in Seattle

Seriously though, so good.

Delicious oyster chowder soup at Taylor Shellfish Farms The best oysters when visiting Seattle are at Taylor Shellfish Farms

Our waiter gave us some great recommendations and I had the best oysters I'd ever had (previously I claimed the ones I had in Portland to be the best).

We also ate the oyster chowder in about 5 seconds because it was so good.

And for the first time we tried Geoduck. I had no idea what it was but Washington is known for it so, so why not. I actually really enjoyed it so if you're feeling adventurous, def go for it.

Trying Geoduck for the first time at Taylor Shellfish Farms oyster bar in SeattleAfter oysters we stopped at the Starbucks Reserve shop next door. I REALLY didn't want to like it, because it's Starbucks and I can get that any day. But turns out Starbucks Reserve branding is seriously on point. I even got a sweatshirt there (but mainly because it's the softest sweatshirt I've ever felt - watch out Wildfox). We ordered the butterscotch latte and it was incredible.

Having butterscotch lattes at the Seattle coffeeshop, Starbucks Reserve Butterscotch lattes at the Starbucks Reserve in Seattle Butterscotch lattes at the Starbucks Reserve during a Seattle Vacation

Other stops in Seattle included Pike's Place Market, the Chihuly Exhibit, and delish food (the best sushi ever) and drinks oh and the BEST cocktail I've ever had, OH and the best Pho I've ever had. I would DEFINITELY prioritize going to Shiro's for sushi. The best sushi in Seattle at Shiro's - Definitely stop here on your next visit to SeattleI can now say that the best cocktail I've ever had is at Heartwood Provisions in Seattle. The drink I ordered was the best I've ever had (Hotel Nacional. White Rum, Apricot, Pineapple, Lime, Angostura Bitters) and Sam said the same about his (Improved Whiskey Cocktail. Rye Whiskey, Maraschino, Angostura Bitters, Absinthe Rinse). The bartender is also the most knowledgeable bartender I've ever had. Amazing service and drinks at Heartwood Provisions in Seattle The best cocktails we found in Seattle on our vacation were at Heartwood Provisions A view of the Space Needle at the Chihuly Gardens in Seattle

Must-have places on your Seattle list

Cocktails - Heartwood Provisions and Zig Zag Cafe Sushi - Shiro's (seriously the best sushi you'll get in Seattle) Pho - Pho Bac Oysters - Taylor Shellfish Farm Outdoor Getaway - Salish Lodge & Spa