What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

In the grander scheme of things, the only dress that really matters at a wedding is the one that the bride has got on, yet you’re still expected to show up in something fabulous. And it’s not just any old thing that you can just throw on and get away with. As the writers for PopSugar describe, “Wedding dress codes come with a lot of stipulations - don’t go too short, don’t go too flashy, and please, please don’t wear white.” Keeping all the appropriate wedding attire in mind, you then think of the guidelines of formalwear. Formal occasions will call for evening gowns, luxe embellishments, and pop bright cocktail dresses, according to the style editors that curated the range of dresses on Lyst. However, the rules of summer weddings are definitely not as rigid and a little more playful than that, as it’s all about finding the right silhouettes and colors.

Here are a few wedding outfit ideas you might be interested in:

A Flirty LBD Black dresses tend to be kind of a no-no for weddings, especially one during the summer, though as long as you choose a shape that’s more romantic and light rather than sexy, a LBD is a suitable choice for an evening reception.

Tasteful Cutouts If bridesmaids can wear dresses with cutouts, Glamour says there’s no reason why guests can’t. Just be mindful of where you’re showing skin. After all, you don’t want to be revealing too much.

A Full Pleated Skirt A pleated dress nipped at the waist flatters every figure out there, thus fashion gurus from Marie Claire advise that you be on the lookout for maxi or midi length skirts in this design when shopping for your dress.

Anything Lacy Whether it’s a shift dress or bodycon, a lacy frock instantly deems it appropriate for celebrating a love affair. Colors such as taupe are great for day and night, but don’t be afraid to go for bolder hues.

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