How to stay visible on Instagram

HOW TO STAY VISIBLE AND GET NOTICED ON INSTAGRAM As I mentioned in a previous post, a lot of people have been worried that the Instagram changes are going to make it even harder for someone to find you on Instagram, so I wanted to continue to make sure that y'all are best prepared as we await the complete roll out from Instagram.

The best way to stay visible on Instagram is going to be by posting relevant quality content for your followers. This is the type of content that creates engagement and this engagement makes sure that your followers are going to continue to see your posts AND you'll continue to get noticed so that your Instagram following can continue to grow.

If you're saying to yourself right now, but that's probably just holds true for people who already have super large followings, that's just not true. And I'll tell you why.

Yesterday, TWO brands mentioned me within a few hours of each other! Anthropologie reached out asking for permission to use my photo for their Instagram and other marketing purposes and Seaworth Coffee posted one of my photos and gave me a shout out. In just a short amount of time that post already got hundreds of likes! Also, this isn't the first time major national brands have noticed me!


So, how do I get the attention of national brands and followers who enjoy engaging on my posts? I provide quality content that my followers expect from me.

My followers expect me to post fashion forward content that is bright, fun and inspiring of day to day life, with visibility and Instagram tips thrown in the mix. When I post something off topic, I lose followers. Why? Because that's not why they were following me and I'm no longer providing them with the content they want and expected from me, so they'll just go elsewhere for it.

Quality Instagram Posts do the following:

  1. They Inspire
  2. They create a visual connection between you and your followers
  3. They provide value
  4. They keep your followers wanting more

When you put quality content out there and believe in the value you're providing, you're going to get noticed no matter how big or small your "following" is.

If you're ready to develop an Instagram strategy that keeps you visible and keeps your following growing, I'd love to work with you 1:1 and we can chat it over during a free 30 minute discovery call!