Spring Trends to Last You a Lifetime

landscape-1460660457-hbz-power-trip-00-index(image credit: harpersbazaar.com)

They say that fashion is one of the best forms of self-expression, and as the blogger of The Fashion Spot has previously explained, "The power of good clothes and a feel-good outfit has a totally transformative effect on our confidence."

But getting to that stage where you understand which pieces flatter your body and reflect your personality can be challenging, and with trends featured on Fashion Week coming and going, your personal sense of style ends up getting muddled up in the middle of it. And to top it off, fashion shows leave us to question whether the clothes put on display will suit our body types. The items look amazing on the tall, slim runway models, but can the same be said for a smaller, curvier frame?

Fashion will continue to evolve, but that doesn't mean you have to give your closet a makeover every season. The idea of forming your own style is by taking the passing fads and interpreting them in your way. Don't ever let anyone dictate when you can and can't wear your favorite floral skirt or mint green blouse. While they may traditionally appear out of season when worn in fall or winter, fashion is all about loving what you wear, an idea which companies like leading plus-size retailer Woman Within have built their entire brand around.

Without further ado, here are the spring trends that you should be showing off this spring, which can be easily transitioned into the next few seasons:

The Slip On Nothing is more confidence boosting than a negligee, so bust out your silks, laces and chiffons just as shown on Marie Claire and dare to add a few delicate, sexy pieces to your everyday wear.

Bolder Stripes Pinstripe may be classic but you’ll definitely be having more fun with the bolder, brighter variety. Glamour says that wide stripes look great with jeans.

Block Heels Who says you have to wear uncomfortable stilettos to elongate your legs? Block heels are every woman’s answer to elongating their legs without the pain. To ground your look, Harper’s Bazaar suggests you opt for a strappy sandal.

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