What to do about Instagram Notifications

THE TRUTH ABOUT INSTAGRAM NOTIFICATIONS How many of y'all have noticed the posts going around Instagram asking you to turn on notifications so that you don't miss any posts with the changes that are coming to Instagram?

You may even seen the image with the cute little arrow over on my Insta.

I've been getting asked if this is totally necessary because some of y'all have been feeling weird about posting it.

The good news for y'all is that it is NOT necessary for your followers to continue seeing your posts, but there are still some reasons why you might want to.

If you're wondering why so many posted about it, it's because when Instagram first announced it's algorithm changes, one of the suggestions that they provided was to

If you're worried about your followers being inundated with notifications then...

The first thing to remember is that you aren't forcing your followers to turn on their notifications.

They are making the decision themselves to turn on notifications to see your posts. If they don't like it, they can turn it off. It's not permanent. It's similar to your email list. Remember when you were nervous about sending out 3 emails a week because you didn't want to be annoying, but then you got over it and it made a huge difference in you're business?

If you're assuming no one is actually going to turn on the notifications for you...

It's time for a reframe, y'all! Most people won't turn on notifications. They people who will are those who feel like they get such great content from you that they can't afford to miss it. This is your ideal client and this is someone who you want to make sure doesn't miss your posts. So even if 1 in 100 people turn on the notifications, it could mean a new client is on their way to you. Why miss that opportunity?

If you still think it feels weird to ask followers to turn on their notifications...

The good news is your posts are still going to be seen! If you're concerned about their visibility, make sure that you are providing high quality content that instigates engagement with your followers. The more engagement the more visibility your post will have. Because your most loyal followers are commenting and liking your photos already, they'll continue to see your posts!

The most important thing to remember with these algorithm changes and to make sure that your followers see your posts is to make sure that you are providing quality content that is encouraging them to comment and like your posts. The more engagement they have with you, the more likely they are to see your posts.