4 Ways to create a successful Instagram Strategy

4 WAYS TO CREATE A SUCCESSFUL INSTAGRAM STRATEGY When people tell me that they're frustrated with the look and feel of their Instagram account, they usually tell me it's because it feels cluttered and random without a cohesive message or purpose.

Part of having an Instagram strategy that works is getting clear on your brand and messaging.

You need to get clear on this as a whole, and then you can break it down so that it fits the message that you want to send out on Instagram.

Here are the 4 reasons why it's so important that you do get to be clear on your brand and messaging BEFORE you develop your Instagram strategy.

1. You'll know exactly who your ideal client is and what kind of content she expects to see from you

When you're clear on your ideal client, you know exactly who you're speaking to. While you may want to reach as many people as possible, it's important that your message is directed specifically to your ideal client because it will keep your message clear and concise rather than general. The benefit to knowing what your ideal client is expecting from you is that you'll be consistent in your strategy meaning your followers will stick around because they know what to expect from you and that you continue to provide the value that they expected when they decided to follow you.

2. You'll know where to find your ideal client and how she can find you on the platform

When you are crystal clear on who your ideal client is, you'll be able to find her more easily on Instagram so that you can start building relationships. Being clear on your ideal client means knowing what their hobbies and interests are, why you they use Instagram and who they follow. This also will guide you in choosing the right hashtags so that she can easily find you.

3. You'll know what kind of content will spur engagement and be able to do more of it

Part of developing your branding and instagram strategy is understanding the type of content that your ideal client and followers enjoy seeing from you. In order to get a good reading on what kind of content spurs engagement on your account, you can use analytical tools like Iconosquare or Union Metrics.

4. You won't be spinning your wheels trying to figure out what to post

When you know what value and content your ideal client is expecting from you, you'll save yourself a lot of time, especially when you have those moments where you're trying to decided "should I post this or not?"

Once you get clear on these things you're more than well on your way to attracting your ideal client on Instagram!

Where are you feeling stuck when it comes to getting clear on your brand and messaging?Where are you feeling stuck when it comes to being visible on Instagram?