Instagram Changes and what to do

By now y'all have definitely heard about the changes coming to Instagram...but seriously there is not reason to freak out about it. The changes to the algorithm mean that you'll be seeing the posts that Instagram thinks matter most to you. According to Instagram, users miss 70 percent of the images in their feed so this is their way of getting more of better quality to you. You won't be seeing any less posts than you normally do, but you'll be seeing more posts first of the top people you engage with on the platform.

To make sure you're best prepared for the changes, Now is a good time to make sure that your followers don't miss out on any of your posts.

Simply post on Instagram to let them know how to turn on their notifications.

Feel free to use the copy and graphic I created! Just make sure you tag me in the photo @45Fairmount

"Changes are coming to Instagram regarding when you see certain posts in your feed! If you want to make sure you don't miss out on any posts, go ahead and click the three dots on my profile page and tap "turn on post notifications" or tap the arrow in the corner on this post."