3 Tips for Editing Instagram Photos

3 EASY TIPS FOR EDITING INSTAGRAM PHOTOS - 45 FAIRMOUNT BY MONICA WOODHAMS I get asked a lot about my Instagram images from whether or not I take my own photos (I do) to what camera I use (my iPhone 5s) and how much editing goes into each photo. I try to do minimum editing when it comes to my Instagram images because I've found that the more editing you do the lower the quality the photo well end up. I put together these three tips for editing Instagram photos so you can see my process before posting my latest Insta!

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My Fave Apps With so many apps out there, it’s easy to get overwhelmed (plus they take up a lot ofspace on your phone). Looksee: I limit myself to 3 filters so that there's a flow to my feed. I use filters from Looks because they come in packs so you know that your 1-3 filters that you choose already belong together. VSCOcam: VSCOcam is one of the most popular apps out there because of how powerful it is. I use it to brighten or darken my image before applying one of the Looks filters or no filter at all!

Image Sizes Instagram now allows image sizes beyond the square format. This is great news because sometimes we really want to share an image that just won't fit as a square. However, this means that we have to be even more thoughtful when we post an image that has different dimensions. Make sure that the vertical and horizontal images stick don't stick out like a sore thumb if someone is looking at your feed in the grid mode. Remember, a key to a curated feed is for the images to flow together.

Don't Force It Sometimes no matter how much editing you do, it's just not going to look right. Too much editing can make the photo lose its quality and it'll look grainy. Not a good look for a curated Insta, right? Be ok with not posting every photo you take. Remember, quality over quantity these days!Instagram Image Editing Tips