Stepping into my glow

unspecified Here it is! I’m so excited to be a part of the GLOW School Blog Tour and grateful for Dana, host of GlowSchool to invite me to join this group of amazing women who are seriously doing some amazing things! Throughout the tour, we’re sharing with y’all our stories to get you ready for GLOW School! (check out the stories of all 20 of these women here)

Yesterday Heather Waxman shared an amazing post on maintaining a healthy spiritual practice, which is def a must read for everyone. You can check out her post here!

When Dana invited me to join her GLOW School Blog Tour, I started thinking about the first time I realized I had stepped into my glow - or when I realized I could describe my life as freedom, happiness, love, and grace. I also thought about what had been holding me back from stepping into my glow.

Here’s what was holding me back:

Before I found my glow, I was held back by three things: feeling stuck, guilt, and anxiety. I spent every day thinking of all the reasons why I felt stuck and let myself be the victim to this. I felt trapped in my career. I felt stuck in Dallas, which felt smaller and smaller every day. I allowed the feeling of stuck to consume my life, which meant that negativity consumed my life and was convinced that there was no way out. In turn, I felt guilty about having this feelings. I felt guilty that I wasn’t enjoying what others might consider a dream job. I felt guilty that I had a negative attitude more often than not. I also let my anxiety hold me back. I didn’t know that I didn’t have to let anxiety attacks control my life.

Here’s how I stepped into my glow:


This might sound silly, but in the past, I had never considered forgiving myself. I’m not one to hold a grudge so forgiveness of others was something that I understood the concept of. Forgiving myself, now that was something new. But, I forgave myself for holding a grudge against myself and I forgave myself for surrounding myself in negativity.


If you want to feel an immediate glow, practice gratitude. There’s no better feeling than thinking about all the things and moments you’re grateful for. Seriously - find a sheet of paper or open the notes app on your phone (right now, I dare ya!) and write down 5 things you’re grateful for. Does your heart not feel so full after doing that?! I was really able to step into my glow with this activity. For months, I didn’t go to bed without first writing the 5 things I was grateful for. At first, I had to set a reminder to do this, then it became a habit and the list grew longer and longer. It’s an instant pick-me-up!


I fully stepped into my glow when I started to take action. I’m a natural do-er, but had felt paralyzed by the things that were holding me back. I focused on small steps to create the life I desired. Somethings were easy like applying to jobs in new cities. Other things were harder like cutting out toxic friendships. I tried out new jobs opportunities, and when one just really wasn’t a great fit, I found the courage to quit even if I had only been in it for 3 months.

Out of the three, action might be the hardest and scariest way to step into your glow, but when you do it, there’s a sense of freedom that you didn’t know existed. Surround yourself with supportive friends and family. If you’re looking for a support system, don’t be afraid to reach out to a coach or mentor.

How I maintain my glow today:


I’ve learned to trust in the universe and that it has my back no matter what my dreams and desires are. I surround myself with people who I trust to be positive and supportive figures in my life.


You can’t help others to your best ability, unless you take care of yourself first. I’ve taken my work email off of my phone so that I don’t stress out checking my emails at 11pm or on the weekends. I make myself a bubble bath almost every night and my bedroom is a no laptop no tv zone.

Stay Active & Meditation

Because I work from home, staying active is therapeutic for me because it gets me out of the house in a social environment. On the days that I work out, I feel more centered, focused, and I sleep more soundly. My daily mediation practice also keeps me feeling my healthiest. Even a 5 minute mediation can change the way I go about my day.

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