Last Minute Gift Guide

Last Minute Gift Guide Raise your hand if you haven't started your Christmas shopping yet? I'm right there with you, and honestly I'm not sure what I'm waiting for other than the fact that I feel like I have more time than I actually do. So for those off you who are in this boat, I wanted to put together a last minute gift guide that is all on Amazon Prime, which means you'll basically receive it tomorrow (or today if you're lucky enough to be able to do Amazon Same Day) and you don't have to deal with the craziness of parking lots and grinches.

Kate Spade Gold Pens When shopping for gifts, I always ask myself "is this something that they would love, but would never buy for themselves?" If the answer is yes, it'll probs be a good gift. That's how I feel about these gold pens.

BKR Water Bottle If you're not yet on the BKR water bottle wagon, then at least your friends should be! Seriously I love these so much and your water really will taste better. I mean, would you rather drink out of a class or out of a plastic cup? They also come in every color under the sun, so you can find one in your BFF's fave color or for the man in your life.

Miracles Now This is one of the best books I read in 2015. It's broken down in a way that you only need to read one page a day, so good for those of us who can't find time to read a book. Pick it up as needed, when you need a little pick me up or you're dealing with a stressful day. Game. Changer.

Tile Have a friend who keeps losing her keys? (My LA roommate is probably saying, you mean you, Monica?) This little tile lets you track whatever it is you want to track from your phone.

Nespresso Capsules For the espresso lover! If they already have a Nespresso machine, 1. you should probably be hanging out at their house every morning and stealing some, and 2. they won't be disappointed with some capsules. They're a little pricey, so I know if someone gifted them for me I wouldn't be like ok cool you're basically buying me groceries, I'd be super excited. And actually, I take that back, I would be excited too if someone bought me groceries.

Voluspa Candle Candles are kind of a default gift, HOWEVER, if you stick to candles that are universally loved like Voluspa candles, it will seem more thoughtful than the first candle you find. Laguna and Suede are my faves.

DryBar Self-Grip Rollers For your bestie who loves DryBar, wishes there were a DryBar where she lived, and takes her hair seriously. Done and done.