Sakara Night Water

Sakura Night Water I'm a sucker for two things: branding and health & beauty products. I think I came across Sakara through a Facebook ad, and ever since then I've been hooked. I absolutely LOVE the Sakara Night Water. The night water comes in a pack of four and you're supposed to drink one 8 oz bottle before going to bed. I love routines and it was fun to look forward to my night water before bed. Extra bonus - I got a great night's sleep each night that I drank these to the point where I know I need these to be a regular in my life.

The water is made up of chlorella and trace minerals with the intention to detoxify and and hydrate. Sleeping is the time at night where we go the longest without drinking anything so, it's good to be hydrating before your hopefully 8 hours of sleep. The chlorella in the mix helps you detox (another great thing to do while your sleeping because your body actually has the energy to do it). Chlorella is an algae that helps clear out the unwanted heavy metals in your body. I've been a fan of chlorella for a while, but I rarely remember to take it, so it's nice to get the same benefits from a water.

I'm in the midst of a 14 day detox right now which consists of eating no sugar and no processed foods. Thanksgiving week is starts as soon as it's over, which is EXCELLENT, but at the same time, it means I need to be careful as my body transitions back over to the sugary processed foods. I cheated on Saturday night and ate a donut and the next morning I had the worst headache. I was the only person in the group that hadn't drank that night yet I was the one feeling crappy - all because I jumped the gun on lots of sugar all at once. These waters are going to be great next week as I transition back to my regular diet!