I survived 14 days off caffeine and these are my thoughts

THOUGHTS DURING A 14 DAYS WITHOUT CAFFEINE Over the last 14 days, my best friend and I have been doing a 14 day detox as part of the Amp Camp that we're doing from Fusion Fitness. One of the scariest parts of the detox for me was cutting out caffeine.

The first four days were brutal and I had a lingering headache and was exhausted. Multiple people, including my boss asked if I was ok because I had such low energy. After those four days though, I was in the clear in the sense that I didn't need caffeine to feel energized. However, it turns out that maybe it wasn't the caffeine that I'm addicted to, but the experience of drinking a hot drink or taking a break and going to a coffee shop.

While I didn't technically need coffee or a latte during the last 10 days of the detox, I definitely wanted it. Here are texts that I sent my friends throughout the 14 days, because they're kind of ridiculous, funny (now that it's over), and the most honest documentation of how I was feeling in the midst of it.

Day 1 "I also will be drinking lots of yogi non-caffeneited tea to at least try to trick myself"

Day 2 "This detox is taking a toll on my mood" "I was struggling walking around the park and all I kept thinking about was a latte. It's perfect walk with a latte weather"

Day 4 "Headache is kicking in"

Day 5 "Ok, I have one of those weird lingering headaches that isn’t strong enough that’s worth taking advil over"

Day 6 "I went to Starbucks at the airport and they didn't have decaf tea so I was like well if there's nothing else I'll upgrade my water to Fiji water and it cost more than a latte"

Day 7 "Tea has been saving me too"

Day 8 "OMG at MCI? That happened to me too. I searched every nook and cranny. The Starbucks didn't even have decaf tea."

Day 9 "I want to be like I SWEAR I'm not one of those weirdos against caffeine"

Day 10 "I miss ice cream so much and coffee"

So, even though I've missed coffee so so much, I don't want to "ruin" the hard work that I did over the past 14 days. I plan to slowly integrate caffeine back with mostly tea and if I do coffee do half caff. At least for the next few days...