GIFT GUIDE - BOOKS FOR HER It's that time a year again! The holiday gift guides are on their way! For my very first holiday gift guide of 2015, I'm sharing with you books that will make a great gift for the fashion and book lover alike. I'm a huge sucker for coffee table books. The book section at Anthropologie is seriously a DREAM. I'm willing to bet that at least two of these books are on you're friend, sister, or mom's book wish list so you can't go wrong with any of them!

  1. Love Style Life by Garance Dore - Written by one of the greatest style bloggers, this book not only has a cover that's worth showing off in your home, but has beautiful illustrations inside!
  2. I'll Drink to That by Betty Halbreich - Before working at Neiman's, Bergdorf Goodman was just another luxury department store to me. Once you've been In the NM world though, you realize just how special Bergdorf's is. This book is written by the legendary personal shopper at BG and she of course has some amazing stories to tell.
  3. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo - I'll admit it. I'm a messy person and stuff just seems to accumulate out of nowhere. However, it does drive me nuts. That's probably what keeps it from getting out of hand. I read this book right before I started packing from my cross country move, so I was extra motivated to take it seriously. My dad actually even read this book and absolutely loved it and did a major clean out of his office that my mom was SHOCKED over.
  4. Darling Magazine - Darling Magazine is something that I've been eyeing for quite some time and it's def going on my holiday wish list. Darling Magazine is a beautiful and inspiring magazine that comes in a quarterly subscription or you can purchase them individually at stores like Anthropologie.
  5. Dinner Diaries: Reviving the Art of the Hostess by Daniel Cappello - This book is PERFECT for the hostess or aspiring hostess. The book has details from the most impressive of hostesses and even includes handwritten guest lists and menus.
  6. Cupcakes and Cashmere at Home by Emily Schuman - We can all agree that we're obsessed with Cupcakes and Cashmere and that our lives would have a major upgrade if we could even take 1/3 of Emily's tips into our reality. I absolutely loved her first book and her second doesn't disappoint either!