Sometimes people can be annoying

What to do when someone annoys you So we've all been there. We've all had that co-worker that "just doesn't get it" or "doesn't have a sense of urgency" or is just flat out annoying. I bet you're picturing that person right this second.

I've been lucky in that the majority of my co-workers have been people I love and admire. However, I have had co-workers that I just couldn't stand and no matter what genius thing they may have said, I had chosen not to see the good behind what they said.

Our thoughts are extremely powerful. So even if you think for a second about how annoying that person is, the more you start focusing on this, the more you're going to believe that this is their only trait. Even if they discovered life on Mars, you'd end up being more annoyed rather than impressed.

I've made "flipping the switch" a priority in many aspects of my life. It's completely changed the way I see the world and has brought me so much happiness. However, I have struggled to make this a priority when it comes to co-workers.

So how do you flip the switch from being super annoyed with someone? You choose to see the love in the situation. Are you super annoyed that they keep asking you for help? Remind yourself that they're asking for help because they know you're capable of doing it well. Can't see the love in the situation in that moment? Set the intention that you would like to see the love in this situation.

This simple act of acknowledging negative thoughts and feelings and welcoming in positive ones, will keep you from spending the next 30 minutes slamming this person (even in your head).

We're all human. There's always going to be someone who comes into our lives who we perceive as annoying or incompetent. The silver lining is that we can always learn from others, and there's probably something we're supposed to be learning from the situation.

Have an amazing week! xo, Monica