How to change your mindset in 5 weeks

How to change your mindset The power of your mind is one of the most fascinating things in the world to me. When you think negative thoughts, they keep growing and growing and growing. When you have a positive mindset, you feel confident and light and free.

When I first started working with one of my clients in my Quarter Life Miracles program, she had never worked with a coach before, but all she knew was that she was at a point where she just didn't want to feel like she was continuously spiraling into overwhelm. At 26, she's an extremely hard worker and her career means the world to her. But here's the thing, her relationship, friends, family, and fitness also mean the world to her. Instead of being able to enjoy these things that are so meaningful to her, she felt like she was struggling to squeeze everything in which left little room for her to feel like she could actually anywhere close to living the live she's dreamed of. She was living her life with the objective to avoid being unhappy. This was her daily priority.

So what happened after just 5 weeks of working on making her objective, her daily priority to being happy? Here's what she said:

I can't say enough great things about my life coaching experience with Monica and how it has already (just 5 weeks in) turned my life around. Prior to this, I was feeling frustrated with my life, job and overall lack of direction. Only 26, I thought - is this it? Are all those immense dreams gone and life is blah? Working with Monica has helped me see that it is never too late to reset and get back on track. My favorite part of the experience is that Monica doesn't give me answers or share what she think might be best in any scenario, but rather, continues to ask questions and share perspective that allow me to unlock my own answers that I had all along. I look forward to my weekly calls and homework with her, knowing that I will be supported, encouraged and challenged to find myself.

There's a big difference between living to avoid being unhappy and living to be happy. And who says that your twenties can't be about living to be happy? When you flip the switch on this mindset, you start to see that you can "reset and get back on track."

So how do you flip this switch?

  1. Recognize that you know deep down what it's going to take for you to start living to be happy instead of living to avoid being unhappy. Sometimes it just takes a little digging and a little support.
  2. Don't be afraid to ask yourself the hard questions.
  3. Know that it doesn't have to take a year to shift your mindset. Things happen fast when the universe knows you're ready.

You can learn more about my Quarter Life Miracles mentoring program here. It's a completely personalized program where we'll work through the areas that you're ready to change, whether it's money mindset, feeling less overwhelmed, releasing limiting beliefs, or helping you shift to a more positive mindset, I'll support you the whole way.