5 Ways to start feeling healthier this week

FEEL HEALTHIER THIS WEEK With Fall in full swing (in most places) I was thinking about going into Fall with a healthy mindset. Rather than waiting until I get hit with a cold to bust out my homemade remedies (aka concoctions that make my friends run in the opposite direction of me when I make them), why not start out the season taking care of my body.

Here are 5 easy substitutions that will make you feel healthier this week so that you can take a proactive, rather than reactive stance on health this season.

  1. The second cup of coffee for the a hot cup of tea. This is a big one for me. I used to be a HUGE coffee drinker. Like 4 cups of black coffee a day. Because of that, I completely cut coffee out of my life for 3 years. Not one cup. Last year, I decided that I was ready to start drinking coffee again, but one year in and I'm starting to reach for that second cup more often then I'd like. This week I'm going to be switching out that second cup for some yummy Yerba Mate tea. Also - for you Pumpkin Spice Latte lovers out there, if you want a healthier substitution I tried the Tazo Pumpkin Spice Chai the other day and it was DELISH!
  2. Those 10 minutes on Facebook for a 10 minute meditation. You already know how unproductive those 10 minutes you spend scrolling through your newsfeed are. So instead of reminding yourself how pointless it was, switch over to YouTube and turn on a 10 minute meditation, right where you're sitting. Only got 5 minutes? Learn how to do it in just five minutes here. New to meditation? Check out this two minute video.
  3. Soda to sparkling water. I'm not telling you to cut out soda forevs...but if you do YES GO YOU! But this post is about things you can do to feel healthier this week. So we're talking short term. Just for this week cut out soda for a few days. If your craving the carbonation, just reach over for the sparkling water. I love to add freshly squeezed lemon and lime in mine. So good.
  4. The breakfast burrito for the overnight oats. I love a good breakfast burrito, but I don't love the food coma feeling that comes after. If you have a busy day ahead of you, even if it's the weekend start with the overnight oats instead. You'll have a lot more energy throughout the rest of your day. I love this recipe (from the one and only Lauren Conrad) and I top it with fresh berries and honey.
  5. Self-defeating thoughts for loving thoughts. We have thousands and thousands of thoughts every day and a lot of them are us beating down on ourselves. Take this week to turn any self-defeating thoughts into loving thoughts. Important - when you realize you had a self-defeating thought, don't punish yourself. It's ok, just turn it into a loving thought. Example: "Ugh, my hair is a hot mess today." to "Even though I didn't have time to do my hair today, I am beautiful."

Bonus: So here's an extra something that you should definitely implement this week. Breathing properly. For the longest time I was breathing improperly. Not only that, but I sometimes wasn't breathing at all which definitely fed my anxiety. I found myself suddenly gasping for a breathe because I had been holding my breathe while typing something up or writing something. To breathe properly you want to make sure that when you inhale your belly is expanding and when you exhale it contracts. If you do it the opposite, you're basically strangling yourself. No bueno.