Here's what your twenties is all about

BE MORE SPONTANEOUS MONCAWOODHAMS.COM Think back to 10 years ago and what you pictured your twenties would look like. Not gonna lie, I pictured some version of Friends. That’s probably what happens when you were raised watching every single episode on repeat (hi Mom, don’t worry! I wouldn’t have it any other way!)

Looking back, what resonated with me after watching Friends was that I would eventually have a really cool apartment in a big city, all of my free time would be spent hanging out with my friends in coffee shops, I would have a super cool job (particularly in fashion – OMG was I subliminally inspired by Rachel Green to become an assistant buyer?!) and the freedom to go on spontaneous adventures with friends.

What I didn’t learn while watching Friends was how Rachel was trying to figure out how to become financially independent, or Monica’s career struggle going from restaurant job to trying to start her own business, to other restaurant jobs but ultimately landing her dream job as a head chef.

Now that we are actually in our twenties, it seems like there’s only truth in the part that I didn’t quite pick up on while growing up, right? BUT, what if Friends is actually more realistic then we make it out to be (minus the amazing NYC apartments – trust me, I know there’s no justifying this one). Maybe being in our twenties doesn’t have to only be about the struggle of trying to figure out how on earth we can become financially independent or feeling overwhelmed and lost in our career goals.

It’s time to change our twenty something story.

Over the last year, I've made a conscious effort to change my twenty something story so that it looks a little something like this: passion, inspiration, learning experiences, success, and happiness. It’s daily work, but it’s so freaking worth it.

Two weekends ago, I really lived this out through the spontaneity that I always pictured my twenties would have. So how did a spontaneous road trip to Santa Barbara on a SUNDAY afternoon come about?

I mentioned to my roomie over bloody mary's at brunch that Sunday morning (so yes, this probably was a huge factor in us making bold decision, but so what) that I wanted to drive to Santa Barbara before moving and she totally called me out on how I said it with disappointment. I told her it was because I felt like I wouldn’t have time. I’m not sure if she was half joking when she said, “we could go today,” but I totally realized that she was right! For like 10 seconds I almost backed out with three excuses that popped into my head “my to do list, I’m tired, gas prices in LA are ridic and I have half a tank.” I quickly shifted out of this negative excuse-filled mindset and was like yes, check please – we’re heading to SB!

In a world where we’re constantly planning our next move (especially if you're Type A), it’s SO SO liberating to just do something major on a whim like go on a road trip and I think that we all should encourage each other to do more of this. If we can’t randomly decide on a Sunday to take a day trip while in our twenties? When are we going to do it?

What was even more awesome than feeling so excited about just going for it, was how this inspiration and excitement followed me throughout the week. I didn't feel more tired. I feel re-energized. I felt more productive and ready to take on the work week instead of dreading the same old week that happens week after week. This is because I was reminded what life is all about and how it is meant to be enjoyed. After all, that's why we work our butt's off at work throughout the week right?!

When was the last time you did something super spontaneous? I'd love to read your stories in the Quarter-Life Miracles group! If you haven't joined yet, it's an amazing group of quarter-lifers who are so so ready to create a life that they're totally in love with.

P.S. Changing your twenty something story is a long process and in order to do it you need the right support, tools and mindset. I still have a few 1:1 coaching spots open if you're ready to change your twenty something story. You can schedule a free mini session here if you're curious and want to make sure it's a good fit!